At the End of the Day

Scene & Herd

I’ve come to the conclusion (yet again) that in the light of contemporary species madness, we need to redefine some of the words in common contemporary use…and chuck in a few relevant epithets here and there.

indignant Tweeter who loses dignity by yelling insults at those outside his tribe.

diahorrea Fascist with so much shit in his hearing apparatus, he can’t hear alternative opinions.

Using the Greek derivative of ‘neo’, a neoliberal is a Young Liberal. Doesn’t seem right to me.

Budget Small budgerigar with claws nailed to swing in attempt to suggest existent life.

Germany Process via which contagious banking diseases are transmitted.

There are two political approaches today: pull at the weeds to make garden look tidier, without bothering about tap roots; or get rid of the weeds by taking all the soil away. Somewhere between David Cameron and Pol Pot, there must be a gardener that isn’t a complete prick.

eclipse online digital attempt to hide stuff from view.

Starbucks celebrity Dollar bills racing up the currency charts.

asset something of no value, known to people outside banking as toxic liability.

I detest four-letter words ending ‘unt’. For example, Hunt

massage A lot of old people being alternatively bribed and ignored by politicians

IT Suffix abbreviation conveniently omitting prefix SH.

Farage English footie anger at lack of level playing field in Europe.

The British Labour Party is an enthusiastic supporter of a worker-crushing EU Superstate. The British Conservative Party is an enthusiastic supporter of a freedom-crushing EU Superstate. This is why they oppose each other.

Public Enquiry Delaying tactic in which bent Judge is hired on the implicit understanding that nothing threatening the Establishment will be made public.

Mayor Public Office holder who may or may not withhold information depending on his relationship with Randylion & Murdoch.

Miliband New one-off tax rate on all xenophobes concerned by inability of Labour Party to recognise hypocritical bullying of EU élite.

General Election Means by which Generals allegedly in charge and all in the same boat as us get to retain power from 1,000 miles behind the Front Lines.

Patient Long-suffering client of Jeremy Hunt

Fundamentals Market truths hidden beneath deep liquidity pools.

Disciple Person convinced that belief discipline is more important than facts

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