Here in one screen capture is what’s wrong with the contemporary Labour Party:

lgbtJust by writing this, of course, I will immediately be pigeon-holed as a blue-rinse Surrey Tory – although being that might well mean I’m a cross-dresser. But that’s nonsense.

What more rights do Bi, Tranny, Gay and Lesbian people need? They’ve gone legal and public, they have their own sites, clubs and pressure groups, the consent age has been dropped, they can get married, they can adopt, they have the same legal rights as straights. I mean, whatTF more do they need?

That obvious question aside, witless pledges like this from Miliband would be OK if we all lived in Wonderland and life was beautiful all the time. But contemporary life for 95% of people in Asia and Africa – plus an increasing number of those in the EU and US – sucks in a way quite unimaginable in my youth. Sexual orientation has no right at all to be on the political agenda in that context.

I’m not and never have been a Labour voter. But I would support them to the hilt if they made the following pledges:

* To ban all monied political lobbying and donations

* To disown the unelected and banker-infected European Commission

* To commit to the dismantling of the neoliberal capitalist model in favour of a more mutually balanced economy and communitarianism

* To withdraw from the farcical ‘special relationship’ we are alleged to have with the US

* To interrogate vigorously some of the more destructive of their social policies involving State interference in families – and the sad loss of personal responsibility that has engendered.

And do you know what? When viewed in the light of currently high voting abstention levels and changes working people most want to see, a Labour Party embracing such principled radicalism would sail home effortlessly.

Fortune favours the brave, and fate cheats the tentative. It did for Cameron in 2010, and it may yet do for Miliband in 2015.