ELECTION OPINION: When voting is about real choice again, then I’ll start voting again.

suffragettes29415Did Great Aunt Edna protest in vain?

The electorate is not paying attention to the issues, and none of the politicians are talking about the real issues. So what right am I exercising if I vote?

For the benefit of veteran Sloggers alone, I suppose I must post in the light of Monday’s ONS data….if only as a tribute to their patience.

Since 2013, I’ve posted seven times to say that the 2015 UK General Election was always going to be a race against time in the context of the Camerlot ‘economic recovery’ bollocks. That is to say, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne had to cross his fingers and hope that the plates stayed in the air long enough to fool enough of the electorate into returning them to Office.

One of the plates crashed to the floor two days ago, as Britain posted “growth” data – fact, not opinion – that showed the economy is stalling again. It was the worst set of figures for a long time, and yet another dataset to file with all the others across the US and the EU showing that neoliberal economics and Bourse-dominated globalism simply don’t work for anyone beyond a tiny privileged élite. Yawn.

For much of the last four days, it has been brutally obvious that the Chairman of the Conservative Party has reached that stage of moral decay and mental bankruptcy wherein he approaches every problem thus: “The answer is to lie, deceive and cheat – now what’s the question?” Yawn.Yawn.

Other key elements of “the Government’s long term plan” now shown to be ineffective (and plain wrong) are first, austerity – the amount saved is roughly 10% of the money thrown at the banking system, deficit reduction is 50% behind schedule, and the National Debt is up by over 50%. Second, immigration into our already overcrowded and underskilled little redoubt is running at eleven times the level promised in the 2010 Election. Third, we cling onto the apron strings of a trading bloc that is flatlining economically, drowning in debt, facing multiple defaults, and acting illegally. Fourth, far from being more balanced, our economy is even more dependent on financial services than it was in 2008. Employment is “up”, but wage levels and hours worked per head beyond the senior management level are both way down. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.

The biggest single problem our country faces, however, is a culturo-constitutional one. Just as, form 1974 until 1982, Parliament as the recognised Sovereign body was under attack from an undemocratic and controlling TUC, so today it is threatened again (this time far more seriously) by the monetisation of politics and policy in favour of capital, and at the expense of labour, personal freedoms, direct democracy and the will of the majority.

Be the issue LGBT piffle, the perversion of Justice by bankers and media high-ups, the voting system, or the the big isms – denialism, tribalism, Islamism and feminism – the biggest single franchise of the population in May will be what it’s been for nearly two decades now: those who don’t vote. Yawn.Yawn.Yawn.Yawn.

Closet élitists revel in dubbing the mass of voters “the sheeple”, but actually sheep is the last thing they are. The problem is threefold: they believe media lies, they are distracted by that same media set, and they’re bored, desperate and dumbed-down. While every institution from the police via the judiciary to the welfare system is being politicised, much of the electorate has been depoliticised. They are not the Sheeple, they are the Sleeple.

Now as the debate continues to pop back and forth about whether someone should not vote – and how Great Auntie Edna once chained the King’s horse to the Hyde Park railings before going on hunger strike – let us just consider what these women wanted two world wars ago.

They wanted the right to play a part in choosing the Government.

Hold the ‘choice’ thing for a second there, and then consider these simple points:

1. No major Party has vowed to tackle the threat to Sovereignty we very clearly face. (Interesting that former City-lout Nigel Farage sees a huge threat from Brussels….but none at all from Boris Johnson and his seamy mates in banking, the media, and multinational business)

2. No major Party has challenged the orthodoxy of all power to the minorities – be those minutegroups bankers  or LGBT radicals.

3. No major Party is challenging the fundamentals of the economic system we’ve adopted in various forms since 1979.

4. No major Party has a credible plan for dealing with the National Debt. (Most don’t even mention it)

5. No major Party has committed upfront to a drastic reduction in the power of media owners.

6. No elector anywhere in the UK can be even vaguely reassured that his or her vote will produce the result they wanted, because as I’ve been saying for nine months now, the election is a dead heat: once the horse-trading starts, all promises are null and void.

Now, given that all six of those issues are important to me, no serious political force has any of them as a solid Manifesto promises, and in a Coalition at least half of the pledges will be broken anyway, where is the “choice” here that Great Aunt Edna wanted? Where is my democratic influence on the future direction of Britain?

The use of genuine Edwardian heroines as a tool for condemning every elector’s freedom to abstain is about as close to the bottom of the barrel as one can get. And the next wide-eyed innocent who uses it on Twitter is going to feel the length of my tweet.

Onwards and, um…not sure really. Hard to tell. All depends on the weather, probably.

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