GREEK CRISIS: Why ignoring the history lesson is leading both sides to disaster

nzsovpact10615A pact is never a deal, merely a postponement

If I see the MSM words “inches closer to a deal” one more time in relation to the Syriza v Troikanauts 53rd replay, I may have to hunt down the journalists concerned, and shoot them in front of their children, parents, priest, local Bobby and Circuit Judge. I will plead guilty, but claim premeditated passion. There isn’t a jury in the world that would convict me.

Even the bollocks nowadays are Repeats. I’d happily meet out the same rough justice to the next Barclays-arse licking lackey who suggests that Grexit is inevitable, Britain’s growth is creating job security for hard-working families, the eurozone is out of recession, northern England could be next world powerhouse, and the Saudis are pumping more oil to meet demand. They all fall into the spectrum that runs from nonsense to impossible and there are thousands of the buggers every day in our media.

My own preferred form of hack-punishment (and excuse) would fit perfectly into the oxymoronic Zeitgeist of claptrap. “It was premeditated murder, but I did it – you know – in a jolly passionate way.”. It wouldn’t look out of place among these crackers:

Austerity is the key to growth”

We need to crack down on non-violent extremists”

He lied under oath in a Court of law, but it wasn’t perjury”

with some girls as young as eight years old”

controlling our finances means Britain is repaying its debts”

In relation to the Greece/EC/ECB enactment of slow-drying tartan paint, can we please listen up? What the Troikanauts want is their kilo of flesh, and even if they’re given a kilo of flesh, they will then want another 250 grams. The current Beecher’s Brook is Greek pensions: the Greeks say no, the gargoyles say yes. Next week it’ll be cuts in healthcare, then VAT on maths lessons, a tax on every bedroom with a granny in it, life sentences for playing chess in the Kafenion and every firstborn to be compulsorily sold to Turkish paedophiles.

The process will continue until Greece is forced by empty coffers and stonewalling to default. If it defaults (so the eurogroupe ‘logic’ has it) Syriza’s popularity will quickly evaporate.

They may be right. But if they think confections like To Potami will herald in a new era of spineless Greek compliance, then they’re deluded. I’m sure they do think this, because the europhiles are delusional about their precious currency. Far more likely is a descent into violence.

There may well be something called “a deal” in the end, but it won’t be a deal of any lasting validity or practicality. Whatever releases they give to the media morons about being unconcerned at the prospect of Greek default, most of those ‘negotiating’ with Greece are profoundly anxious about the knock-on effects.

One major exception to that rule is Mario Draghi: he is very probably on a win-win here. If the Greeks buckle, then the Empire wins again and the crucifixions will follow. And if a Greek default spirals into hyperinflation, he will be the willing catalyst of the process most of his community would prefer: inflating away Western sovereign and financial system debt.

As always, anything could happen and nothing will change…just yet. If they’re inching closer to anything, then the Euronazis and the Syrizviets are about to make a pact. That’s as good as it gets between sworn enemies, and it will never last.

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