NEW TROIKA PERFIDY REVEALED BY REUTERS: The smoking gun with creditor DNA all over it

odiousgetspt The game is over now, and the result stands. But at least we can be certain as to what game was being played.

Go to this piece at Reuters – it has all you need to join up the dots on a conspiracy to control sovereignty:

Four simple points need to be made:

1. ECB/Eurogroupe dirty bank tricks & blackmail in the last two weeks put Greek debt repayment infinitely further out of reach than it was before.

2. The IMF repeats and increases its emphasis upon the obvious: debt repayment requires massive debt relief.

3. The IMF gave this information to the creditors before the deal.

4. The IMF didn’t leak this document to Reuters until after the deal.

The partners-in-crime verdict is self-evident.

It is now clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the goal of Greek bailout was not debt clearance.

The eurogroupe’s aims were pacification of the markets and control of sovereignty.

The aim of the federalistas is the use of this template to destroy sovereignty and create Das Viertele Reich the United States of Europe…run by a fiscal dictator, a banking dictator, and Washington.

Italy and Spain: you’re next.

France and Austria: after that it’s your turn.

David Cameron: Stop conning the British people that you can deal with these reptiles.

The Labour Party: What are you this time….pacifists or collaborators?

Nigel Farage: Where is the passion and the analysis?

One final point…I wonder when the repellent Hugo Dixon and his boss Yannis Stournaras knew about this?