THE PAEDOFILE: Why Cameron and Clegg must have known the truth about Leon Brittan

BrittcamayWestminster paedophiles, falsely accused celebs, and the perversion of justice: how May’s NVE legislation will render the Truth ever more remote

One of the many odd contradictions of British life in 2015 is that false accusations of paedophilia are far in excess of the paedophile population…..but the number of political paedophiles is far in excess of those ever brought to justice. The Slog examines the growing desire of the political class to be placed further and further above the Law, and why Theresa May’s proposed NVE legislation is going to make matters far worse.

For the record, I’ve insisted umpteen times that the vast majority of tabloid-police-antiBBC-celebrity paedophile/under-age sex charges (and guilty verdicts) are bunk. In a great many cases, they were designed to:

1. Distract from Newscorp woes and the politically connected guilty

2. Create a belief in widespread BBC depravity

3. Satisfy the opportunistic greed of false accusers

4. Make the police look like heroes

5. Feed the madness of the various loopy-loos and ambulance chasers online who insist that anyone doubting paedophile accusations must be “a sicko”.

Nevertheless, my own experiences and fieldwork since 2006 has firmed up what I found to be exceptions to those general rules, viz:

i. Shared paedophile proclivities in the Conservative Party at national level

ii. The corrupt use of care system children at local level by both major Parties

iii. The blind eye turned to ethno-cultural under-age sex at local level by Labour officials

iv. Specific cover-ups involving politicians and the judiciary in several of Britain’s larger cities.

The specific focus of each of these exceptions in turn has always been (for me) Leon Brittan and the odd foreign travel jaunts of the Monday Club; the Elm House affair and Richmond Council in London, plus Humberside and Northern Ireland; Muslim taxi-rings in Yorkshire; and the corrupt use of psychiatry and gagging orders in order to entrap children in Plymouth and Mid-Staffordshire.

It remains my view that Mayor Johnson (also a Cabinet member in his spare time) is sitting on the Elm House investigation in the same way as he tried to get the Hacking Inquiry stopped. The culprit in Humberside was under suspicion for years, and died recently…but not before he’d been an accessory to murder. The Pakistani taxi rings I had observed for years in West Yorkshire. The Mid Staffs criminal legged it rather quickly, but is still practising in the M4 corridor. The key judge in Plymouth has since moved on, but the 20-year gagging order protecting him remains in place.

Today, however, I’d like to focus on Leon Brittan. Lord Brittan is a special case for me because my familiarity with the case goes back to the early and mid 1980s….and because predictably – now he is an ex-Brittan – more details are coming out to dismiss at least some of the remaining doubts about his guilt.

He is not, however, alone in his guilt.

Three Conservative Cabinet Ministers on four separate occasions (in various combinations) told me between 1982 and 1985 that Brittan’s paedophilia bent was “an open secret” among senior Tories. They had nothing to gain in saying this, and no motive to influence me: I was a very peripheral communications supplier doing advertising work for the Central Office of Information (the COI) – later abolished by the Camerlot Coalition and transferred to the Cabinet Office. In truth, the subject was a matter for amusement and gossip rather than smear.

For example, one high-profile Minister at the time remarked, “Leon isn’t interested in sex with anything over three feet tall” – a crack I took to be an accusation of bestiality until the civil servant involved in the project set me straight. I was told later (at a private dinner) that Margaret Thatcher banished the Peer to the EC when his proclivities were confirmed to her by the security services.

Now today the Telegraph has a piece confirming that ‘Newly uncovered files show former MI5 director general Sir Antony Duff wrote to the then Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong in 1986 over claims made by two sources about the MP….’; the Telegraph doesn’t directly mention Brittan at that point, but his name heads a paragraph shortly afterwards. Following a further conversation this morning, I have no doubt whatsoever that first, Leon Brittan is the name in the documents quoted; and second, they have not suddenly ‘been uncovered’.

The papers were suppressed because Nick Clegg had been given a job working for Brittan in the EC, and Cameron later hired the former Home Secretary as a temporary trade secretary in 2010. (Given that the PM hired the greatly cloud-covered Baron Green for the permanent post in the end, we can see that – as with Andy Coulson – David Cameron’s reference-checking has never crept above slapdash).

The truth is coming out now because Brittan is dead, Clegg is no longer in government, and Number Ten considers the affair to be old hat. They’re probably right – but very serious blots on Camerclegg behaviour at the time continue to perplex me.

When Labour MP Tom Watson stood up in the Commons to ask Cameron directly about “allegations of a paedophile ring operating inside Number Ten during a previous Conservative administration”, the Prime Minister looked discomfited, appeared shifty, and sounded evasive. He promised to investigate the claims rigorously, a promise he then broke during the intervening years.

There is no way that, when asked the question by Watson, Cameron didn’t know of the allegations, and who they accused. Just as Thatcher was briefed by MI5 originally, so too David Cameron must have been before the PMQ was launched: for otherwise to have been the case would’ve represented a gross dereliction of duty by the British Secret Service. Equally, I would be amazed if the Deputy PM – himself equally personally involved in having recommended Brittan to the Tory leader – wasn’t briefed as well.

The likelihood is that the Prime Minister and his Deputy perverted what should have been the natural course of Justice against a Peer while he was still alive. And this, surely, must also lead us to doubt the honesty of David Cameron when it comes to his version of the infamous Boxing Day Lunch with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks.

Conspiracy theorists will, of course, have a field-day with speculation about whether Cameron, Hunt, Newscorp and the Met Police reporting to Mayor Johnson jointly took part in a multivariate action to distract the public with flimsy celebrity accusations, while suppressing the truth about Elm House in general and Leon Brittan in particular. I can’t comment on any of that, because nothing credible in the way of evidence to stand it up has ever crossed my desk.

But I can observe that we still await explanations as to (a) why Boris Johnson didn’t record his two meetings with Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch at City Hall (b) why he tried to first stifle and then ridicule the Newscorp hacking investigations (c) why we have not heard a peep about “the satisfactory progress” being made in the Elm House child trafficking enquiries and (d) why nothing ever came of the promise – made by the Prime Minister to the Commons – that the Number 10 paedophilia allegations would be followed up.

Is this just an old story of no interest? Most of the Web will see it that way because the vast majority of internet users care only about wassappenin. But this case history is of massive constitutional importance, because once the Theresa & Dave NVE Bill makes Witch Hunting with Media Lapdogs legal, any theory advanced about depraved politicians will – be in no doubt – be reclassified as extremist speculation, and thus worthy of being illegalised on the grounds of National Security.

And if you’ve never visited the grounds of National Security, let me tell you: it’s a big f**koff gaff surrounded by thousands of acres of bullsh*t, on which a million grainoftruth crops can flourish. Rather like the Web, really.

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