SELF-RELIANCE: The neoliberal success story is really a sorry tale of tribalist failure to oppose.

Things we can no longer rely upon:

The News

The government

Journey times

Ethics in public life

Truth in marketing

A job

Interest on savings

Equality before the Law

The police


A good education

A decent pension

State healthcare

Glance down that list, and two things are clear: we are forced to be more self-reliant today than 60 years ago…..but the equipment necessary for self-reliance has been gradually taken from us.

Both of these changes in British life since 1955 are the direct result of government action, inaction and incompetence.

But still our share of world trade shrinks, our national debt gets bigger, the gap between rich and poor gets wider, our salaries sink lower, our overpopulation gets worse, our Rights are eroded….and nothing is certain any more. From the availability of a qualified doctor on duty at the weekends to the word of a Priest, nobody’s sense of duty, honesty or competence can be taken for granted.

Think about all that, and then ask yourselves: what have the Thatcher >>> Blair >>> Cameron years really achieved? Why do people see neoliberal fiscal economics as a success?

One answer must surely be, “Because those offering more inclusive alternatives have failed to gain credibility, and refused to form a common front for decency”.

That’s it for Sunday morning. Enjoy your lunch.