There’s a very interesting and thoughtful piece here from ClubOrlov about parrots and whether rumours of their death are exaggerated or not.

Once upon a time, there used to be Open US Democracy versus Closed USSR Autocracy, allegedly. But then the autocrats sank beneath the weight of their inefficient nuclear competition with those squeaky-lean liberal democratic capitalist humanity-frying nuclear weapons.

And so the United States of America became the sole Policeman on Earth. Its ethic was that of Milt Friedman, the champion of neoliberal competition – and to Hell with society. But oddly enough, that neoliberal ideal turned into a Dictatorship of the Monopolitariat Mammon – and to Hell with society.

However, now that US values have achieved a monied monopoly, their rank nature has been thrown into an ironically stark perspective. ‘Salute the Apple-pie flag of the free’ v ‘the Soviet suppression of the free’ has become ‘Colonial neoliberalism – better than nothing’.

Is the neoliberal dogma better than nothing? It might be instructive to apply the Marxist approach to history in order to interrogate the question.
Marxist dialectical logic originally flowed as follows: Agrarianism was the thesis, Capitalism the antithesis, and Communism the synthesis.

But then along came Stalin to ennoble himself and create an apotheosis.

Marxist dialectical analysis should thereafter proceed as follows: Stalinism was the thesis, Glaznost was the antithesis, Neoliberalism is the synthesis.

But then along came Syriza, Podemos, Grillo 5star, Front Nationale, Wilders, UKip and Viktor Orban to refute Neoliberal globalism from both Left & Right.

So the new dialectic might read: Global Communism was the thesis, Globalist neoliberalism was the antithesis, and communitarian mutualist capitalism is the synthesis.

It just so happens that this synthesis is my preferred option. Funny how you can twist Marxist analysis every which way to suit your book; perhaps this is why shortly before his death, dear lovable old Karl told a French audience, “Moi, je suis pas Marxiste”.

Slightly more seriously, in truth I think this: The big Superstate agenda (US, USSR, CPR or EU) puts macro, amoral bureaucratic process and privilege above individual Citizen creativity and ethical responsibility. Ergo, it is destined to become anti-egalitarian psychopathic totalitarianism.
The bigger and more complex a government form becomes, the more distant it is from the tiny ant it sees as the Citizen. And the Citizen being an ant, the less that governing State feels inclined to listen to the tribulations, needs and opinions of the Citizen.
It prefers, in fact, to listen to the exceptional few: all those Big Swinging Dicks who think they should be an exception to the rule of the many.
I retain my belief in the greater simplicity and Citizen power offered by the smaller community. It will arrive and mature in the end; maybe not in my lifetime – but then, I’ve been lucky enough already without having to wish for that.
In the meantime, think on this tonight….or in your tomorrow, whenever it might become today: Beijing has tried to control the selling buttons of the Chinese bourse many – it has failed. Tokyo has tried to stem the flow of Japanese citizen pessimism – it has failed. The US Fed has tried to convince the American householder that all is well really – it has failed. The UK’s Conservative Government has tried to convince ordinary employed citizens that they now have more security – it has failed.
Projecting into the future, Wolfgang Schäuble wants to control the cultural instincts of the eurozone many – he will fail, because the vast majority of European citizens do not want to be Germans. ISIS and a hundred other assorted Islamic extremist schisms want to control the thoughts of the many observant Muslims – they will fail, because the vast majority of Islamic citizens just want to be left alone to get on with their lives and their neighbours. Mariano Rajoy wants to make the Spanish many love the eurozone – he will fail, because it’s all they can do to love Spain under his corrupt rule.
There is no such thing as the World community. But the world of communities on Earth is as real as it’s ever been.