newstroikaLiars are no longer losers

Apologies for the brevity of this piece, but Sloggers’ Roost is experiencing awful connectivity problems* at the moment.

I just want to register a few things with the Turdoch dynasty (for their lawyers are always watching us) so that everything is absolutely clear about my being a non-violent extremist (NVE) and thus quite happy to allege the following:

  1. Rupert, you are an even more despicable Britain-hating, lying Toff than your father. You are a vindictive peddler of soft-porn smears about everyone who gets in your way. This reappointment of Rebekah Brooks, silly me I mean Wade, is an insult to the intelligence of the British public: sadly, the insult is well deserved – it must be, for they’re thick enough to keep on buying your screwspapers, and re-electing your pathetic ring-lickers.
  2. James, you lied about why you bought off previous hacking complainants, lied about knowing how information on Newscorp victims had been obtained, and lied about what took place between you and Jeremy Hunt in New York during 1999….as of course did he, being himself a lying Hhhhchunt.
  3. Rebekah, somehow you managed to fix it so that the CPS only charged you with offences about which all 14.2 million of the relevant emails had been erased by your employer. Which bits of the dirt you had on Osborne, Cameron, Clegg et al did you find most effective in securing this blatant perversion of the course of justice, or am I off-beam here?

Turning briefly to the accomplices, I merely wish to observe the commonality of spineless, disloyal and near-treasonable level of mendacity that binds David Cameron, George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson, and Alistair Campbell together in one group. The collective term for this junta of punters has to be A Lack of Principals.

* We have crystal clear skies here in France, but the wrong sort of wind.