At the End of the Day

It’s a grab-bag night tonight

It seems that Iran is the latest country to be on the verge of legalising marijuana. This could bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘stoned to death’.


A sane, long-term Slogger writes to tell me he finds the Mark Carney opinion piece on Stay or Leave EU ‘long on bollocks’. It’s searingly accurate, but chiefly it suggested to my omnidirectional brain the idea of a Viking character by the name of Bendt Longbollocks. Brought up to date and thus terribly Scandinavian pc, Bendt would be entirely different to those characters from secondary school history like Erik Bloodaxe. This might be his diary for June 24th 783:

‘Having abolished slavery, my longboat crew mined the wimminfolk population for to find the pullers of the oars. We are here having many women of the big biceps developed while pulling pints in the hostelries all of the day, and so their conversion to the oars thing is not difficult. So is the progressive agenda moving forward across the North Sea in total equality to Angleland, where are the sexually desirable 36-24-36 bints who are of course our equals and opposed to the ravishing, and with whom we discuss long into the night the importance of being respectful of their right to say no in a desperate attempt to get laid.

We are the problem finding with toilet facilities on the longboat, as the wimminfolk have made short work of the men’s stones for pissing, with which of course being washed of the brain we are entirely in accord, the only problem being that eight crew members have succumbed to typhoid, which is what happens when Typhoo tea is boiled in infected water.’


François Hollande arrived in Athens today, as an observer keen to protect French interests in the privatisation reform neoliberal megatheft process. Alexis Tsipras greeted him warmly by the throat, proclaiming him to be “a cutting edge reformer who has dared to be the world’s first socialist carpet-bagger”.

Those of us – and we are counted in the millions – who ten months ago saw Tsipras as The Great White Hope against Brussels-am-Berlin fascism are now reduced to accepting that he was in fact The Great White Elephant….and is perhaps shaping up to be The Great White Shark in Greek politics. M. Hollande meanwhile remains what he always was: a means of ejecting Sarkozy from the Elysée….to which at times it seems there is no justifiable end.


Does anyone know what happened to CallmeDave’s enquiry into why oil prices have halved, but pump petrol prices haven’t? Here in France, I’m tryin to figure out why – under a ‘socialist’ government – my gas ch prices have doubled.

Perhaps this comes under the heading of that old Slog adage, “Those with double standards always want double helpings”.


Wentworth golf club members have been informed by the new Chinese owners they will have to pay a £100,000 debenture as well as an annual fee of £16,000 in order to carry on playing there. Personally, I would gladly fork out £16,000 in return for a guarantee that I’d never again be asked if I wanted to play a round of golf; but even allowing for my sanity, this does seem a little steep.

Personally, I suspect Wentworth players (representative of the Home Counties nouveaux riches clan to a man) would be well advised from here onwards to steer clear of the Pro’s Shop. It is likely to feature drivers whose plastic heads would splinter into a million pieces at the first hit, golf tees that travel further than Wuyuong brand balls, and club trolleys that melt in the rain.

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