Portuguese democracy, and the hypocrisy of Nigel Farage

nige271015When making the case for Vote Leave, political acrobatics are not required

The Portuguese President’s decision to reappoint his Brussels-collaborationist government was (to be pragmatic about it) unfortunate, but the hoo-haa that has followed seems to me both unnecessary and riddled with double standards. Unsurprisingly, therefore, Nigel Farage is in the thick of it.

The President’s decision was spineless because (having done the maths and seen the Opposition’s tardy and post-rationalised decision to unite under one banner) he clearly had a more popular Government in waiting.

But on the other hand – thanks to the European Left’s propensity to bicker about ideological angels on a pinhead until it’s too late – the Portuguese electorate was not presented with the chance to vote for a united Left: it saw instead the usual suspects doing their ten variations on People’s Marxist/Syndicat/SDP/Fabian/Guevara Front for the Liberation/exit/dictatorship of the Portuguese/Proletarian/Socialist Peoples. When it comes to single Party banners, the Arseholes won. I don’t like the arseholes either, but that’s called accountable democracy: nobody knows how the electorate would’ve voted had there been one banner. But unlike in Greece – where Syriza did it the right way round – it wasn’t available as a thing against which to place a cross.

The hoo-haa is unnecessary because (as the Slog observed four days ago) ‘It was a tricky one for President Anibal Cavaco Silva, because the Left did not go into the election as ‘Syriza the Coalition’, and so cannot strictly speaking be said to have a mandate….[but]….the Left will now bring a no-confidence motion and the Government will fall. We assume.

The response of Guido Forked-Tongue and Hairgel Mirage is hypocrisy made flesh because neither of them has so much as an iota in common politically with the Left in any shape or form. Yet now – because the Portuguese Left is EU-secessionist – suddenly they should be forming the Government there…and the EU is the USSR for suggesting otherwise:


I am for secession from the EU because it is a corrupt, fascist, corporo-bureaucratic confection of Big Brother triumphing over Small Creative.

But I am not – and never shall be – a believer in the ends justifying the means. Down that road lay the Nazi-Soviet pact.

It’s odd how, at first sight, I seem perhaps keen to alienate everyone: warmists, climate denialists, Israelis, Palestinians, Christians, Islamics, the Left, the Right, European federalists, EU secessionists, socialists, Friedmanites, conspiracists, empiricists, conservatives, liberals – in fact, pretty much everyone involved in this or that side of a debate.

But we do not have debates any more in 2015: we have ideological mud-throwing contests and Olympic Insult Hurling.

I don’t do Absolute Truth ideologies from prophets, with wannabe controlling élites as the Priesthood to be venerated: my ‘bag’, Man, is ideas that benefit the majority of citizens who wish only the best for the community.

So please don’t try and recruit me for a side: I am for the greatest fulfilment of the greatest number using only the Rule of Law.

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