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George Soros, US foreign policy, and ousting Viktor Orban

Following the election of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the pro-Orban, anti-euro political leader of the PiS in Poland, sources in central and eastern Europe in the last 24 hours are alleging the discovery of a conspiracy to attempt radical régime change in Hungary via all means up to and including assassination. The Slog analyses and assesses the factual background to the allegations.

There have been hints in the Hungarian media recently about ‘a significantly increased acute terror threat against Viktor Orbán and possibly his family’. While some of this will undoubtedly be ‘salting’ by the Orban government to put any such attempts on the defensive, Sloggers in Poland, Greece and Hungary are reporting that intelligence services in all three countries ‘are aware of a plot to remove the Orban Government without delay’, that ‘the election of Kaczynski has upped the tempo’ and even ‘the conspiracy involves a joint op with [the intelligence services of] the US, France, and EC. Crucially, controversial billionaire George Soros is ‘identified’ as being centrally involved in the move.

The release of (albeit redacted) emails from Hillary Clinton’s State Department days reveal, with disturbing clarity, the willingness of the US to replace any régime at any time that’s in it’s way. What began largely in South America and Asia has in recent years – most notably in Syria and the Ukraine – been applied wherever necessary to Europe. And when it comes to central and Eastern Europe, Washington’s main cover and cypher is George Soros. The man who once tried to destroy the British Pound now stands accused of working to destroy the aims of former Soviet, eurosceptic States.

At times, it is possible to believe there might well be more than one George Soros. “He’s here, he’s there, he’s every ****ing where George Soros, George Soros…..”. Over the last fortnight alone, he’s been opining about ebay, strategic simplicity, reflexive market behaviour, powering a $25m investment in bond-trading startup Trumid, and leading the field by seeing a future for coal…backed up with his own money.

Whenever Soros breaks his silence, he makes and breaks whole sectors.

But unfortunately, the billionaire – like so many who own a gigantic and damaged ego – has been working for many years now in a higher sphere….one where he can make or break opposition Parties, rising politicians, and indeed whole régimes. His latest target is a US elected District Attorrney position: so far, he has invested in excess of Soros $400,000 funding a super PAC, known as Louisiana Safety & Justice PAC, based in Bossier City to support Democratic DA candidate James E. Stewart. That’s a lot of money behind one local candidate; but such money brings influence, and influence begets power. The power at stake here is massive influence inside the Democratic Party.

Soros justifies such meddling by ensuring his PRs always get the words “liberal sympathiser” and “billionaire philanthropist” into press articles and broadcast soundbites. But the life history of the man belies that image – especially when it comes to affairs in Hungary.

The two dimensions of George Soros that really count are Hungary and America. Very few Hungarians – through all the shades of political opinion – doubt that Mr Soros is one of the most powerful influences upon Hungarian affairs. In particular, he is dedicated to the removal of the popular and recently reelected Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In being so inclined, he is also able to curry approval among the US and EU élites, because they too are keen on régime change in Hungary. Mr Orban does, after all, take every opportunity to make clear his distaste for the anti-democracy practised by US business colonialism, and poor fiscal economics as represented by the euro.

Orban has been proved correct at every stage of the current refugee/migrant crisis. For this, he has been leapt upon by Soros as “neglecting his duty” to take in migrants, and vilified by the EU/EC axis of cant as a ‘racist’. Now that the situation is out of control – and every ‘leader’ from Merkel to Hollande has been shown up as the showboating hypocrites they are – Orban has become Enemy Number One for the neoliberal globalists.

Again under the staydri umbrella of ‘pro-democracy’, Soros has a ‘charity’ in Hungary – he founded it as the Open Society Institute in Hungary with a budget of $3 million in 1984 – and in this and other former Soviet countries he has maintained an excellent cover for CIA and other covert intelligence activities in the region. He was a driving force behind the economically disastrous decision to EU-ise Eastern Europe after 1990…a curious double-standard, given that his supporters in the main Hungarian opposition Party founded it on 7 October 1989. They were the remainder of the ruling communists, and rebranded themselves as the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party (MSZP). The MSZP did exactly what the youthful Stalinist Jugendfüherin Angela Merkel did in that year – viz, leave work on Friday a totalitarian, and return for work Monday as a liberal democrat.

George Soros uses (with CIA help) the Hungarian OSI as a vehicle for bearing false witness against Orban at every opportunity. As a neutral and former Georgian foreign minister, Salomé Zourabichvili has recorded her view that “institutions like the Soros Foundation and all the NGOs that gravitated around the Soros Foundation were integrated into power after the revolution [against USSR control]”. It was a classic case of “Meet the new boss….same as the old boss”.

This is the outfit that “philanthropist liberal” Soros supports.

But Orban ended the cosy relationship of former apparatchik privilege sucking up to US/EU colonialism. He punished US banks who cheat Hungarians, he told the EU where it could insert the euro, he lectured the Americans on their disastrous Syrian policy, he actively supported a joint Russian/US Syrian occupation to stem refugee problems, he warned of how the migrant euphoria would end, and flatly refuses still to kowtow to arbitrary migrant settlement deals.

Orban has committed the umtimate treble whammy sin against the New Order: he is in the way of it, he is right when it is wrong, and he is rapidly becoming a Standard around which opposition can gather. And so the forces of régime change have decided that Orban Must Go.

Deciding that offence would represent the best defence, Soros two weeks ago received a media bombardment in Hungary, where politicians accused him of supporting illegal migrants in order to exacerbate the strain on the Orban Government. Representatives of the ruling Party Fidezs – including Orban himself – have attacked Soros for once again abusing the power of his ‘pro-democracy’ charity. This was in response to opinion pieces published by the Financial Times and Project Syndicate, in which Soros called Orban ‘a shirker’ from the European refugee plan.

I would urge others (especially in the region) to contact me at in an effort to add flesh to this potentially explosive story.

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