Beware of geeks bearing gifts

Apps – the rules:

If you have a mobile phone or Android, use them….they make life simpler.

If you have a lap or desktop, ignore them and get Windows 10. Then Google whatever you need, for instance ‘How to download pictures from my camera onto Windows 10’. It will tell you.

DON’T whatever you do ask Microsoft. Those blokes couldn’t organise a sex orgy in a Viagra factory. It’s because of this inalienable absolute truth that an entire industry of gobetweens is now (a) offering free advice in plain, step by step English and (b) selling or giving away free software designed to ensure you need never argue with an app again.

The gobetweens didn’t even bother with Windows 8 because there’s not much you can do about a virus, whatever it’s called. In the end – at the bitter end – Microsoft dumped it.

This is what a Microsoft app designer looks like:

geekThis is how the Microsoft photo app designer thinks:

deadheadupThis is what the Microsoft Photos App can do:

sledgenutThis is a much better alternative, and it is not an app, it’s a tool:

picasalogoThis is the bloke who thought it a good idea to put apps on fixed screens:

fluffyThat is all.

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