BEHIND YOUR BACK: Refugee scares, universal biometric id, cashless societies & other stories

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accentureThe faceless and the near-sighted

Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is, along with provider Accenture, steaming ahead with its project to have every human on the planet biometrically recorded within a generation. Accenture’s Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS) has “a vision” says the PR blurb, “of making everyone count by ensuring a unique legal identity and enabling digital ID-based services to all.”

Of course that’s the thinking behind it, I mean what other more disturbing motive might be in play for Heaven’s sake? Well, there is just the identity of the driving forced behind the scheme: step forward from the shadows The World Bank Group (WBG). On its site, we see that BIMS will be

‘one of the powerful tools in the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequality. Identity management systems are key to improving public sector policies and delivering better public and private services. Above all, they help ensure that individuals can access their civic and legal rights.’

Aaaaaaahahahahahahahabraaaaawwwwhahahahaha somebody give me a glass of water, I’m choking on the sanctimony. But there are two elements in play here: refugees, and global identity management. Scare the People with a refugee ‘tide/swarm/wave’, and then clear the way for the contemporary equivalent of universal fingerprinting? Not even the DDR managed that one.

But then, banks are not governments…..they just tell governments what to do. You may have read here exclusively some weeks back that the Troika has already ordered the French to cut by 90% the amount of cash that can be paid to an inividual artisan. More money in the banking system, more ways to raise more taxes to save banker screw-ups….that’s the idea. The system comes into effect before Christmas, and the majority of French I know have never heard of it.

Now Sweden is taking a giant step into bankers rule OK: the Swedish government, at the request of its  banking system bigwigs, is accelerating towards the cashless society.  Swedish banks are removing ATMs from all sites without exception. Credit Suisse opines in a note that ‘the rule of thumb in Scandinavia is “If you have to pay in cash, something is wrong.”’  The Swedish central bank is also talking with Denmark and Norway about extending the idea there – Mises Institute

“There is no way President Assad can unite and govern Syria,” US Secretary of State John Kerry said during the recent Syria ‘peace’ talks in Vienna, adding, “Syrians deserve a different choice”. Kerry speak forked tongue – just ahead of the meeting, 72% of Syrians in a Le Figaro poll wanted Assad to stay. NB Le Fig is a right wing newspaper – Le Figaro

You will have read that in Yemen, rebels have detained two ‘UN workers’ in Sanaar. Their nationality wasn’t released. It now transpires that while they arrived on a UN Plane, the two men don’t work for the UN but are American military advisers – HTC/AFP

Vladimir Putin did ratify the Kyoto Climate Change protocol, even though he believed (and still does) that global warming is complete tosh. He was blackmailed into it by EU member States who simply said, “No ratification of Kyoto, no membership of the World Trade Organisation”. Putin bit his tongue and signed the document. Now he is becoming more voluble about why he thinks the global warming scare campaign is bollocks. And the French Mathematical Society has called the upcoming Paris conference on AGW ‘an absurd, costly and pointless crusade’ – WUWT?

The best, sure-fire ruse for demonising anyone today is to suggest that either they bugger children, or attack hospitals full of people….and preferably both. It was thus only a matter of time before ‘Russian barbarians in Syrian hospital bombing horror’ reared its head.

The problem is, out of the six hospitals mentioned in the reports, only one medical facility actually exists, as such. Worse still for the agitspinners, it’s intact….and not, as it were, destroyed causing the deaths of 12 people – Russia Today is of course propaganda, but facts are facts. There’s no us and them any more – the Daily Telegraph is propaganda, the Guardian is propaganda, the entire EU and NATO press corps churn out propaganda.

The truth is off-message

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