Them and Us

The only thing to be said in favour of the British Establishment is that, whether we like it or not, they have the electoral mandate to be doing it.

As three million Europeans signed a petition to stop TTIP, nobody in the bubble noticed. They do, after all, have a lot to think about in there, so a few scribbled autographs from NVE troublemakers come way down the list of priorities.

Portugal is in just about the most predictable constitutional crisis since Edward VIII decided to marry an American cross-dresser called Wally. The majority of legislators there want defiance, but the collaborators don’t. In Poland, the Party of Tusk has been put out to grass, with the new leader treading the same path as Hungary’s Viktor Orban – defiance. Catalonia has been told to stop being silly, and offered junk credit status by Fitch; its response has been defiance.

Tusk himself read David Cameron’s five no three no four key demands in order to make him fight to stay in the EU with all his heart, but said it was going to be tough. He said it was looking tough, in fact very tough indeed but he would just have to try and see what could be done given the tough landscape out there.

The Prime Minister did not react with defiance, because he doesn’t want to leave at all. I wonder when somebody in Britain’s lacklustre Establishment is going to notice that, once the Troikanauts know someone really wants to stay, they f**k you up to your teeth with a yardbrush via the anus? The Spaniards seem to have grasped it – even beyond Catalonia they’re going to be defiant – but not yet in Britain.

The invasion of Turkish Syrian Nigerian migrant starving designer refugees has put stealth-bomber Cameron in something of a corner, given that he not very defiantly dropped the ‘control of UK borders’ demand early on (most Brits still haven’t noticed) but as of yesterday most of the EU was defiantly controlling its borders anyway, and the German people were defiantly kicking their politicians into action on controlling their borders. So the immutable freedom of movement principle is now dead.

Overall, it’s a good job millions are leaving Syria, because without that there’d have been no room for all the foreigners now variously fighting, garroting and shooting the crap out of each other. The Muslim Brotherhood immigrants courtesy of Washington and ISIS refugees courtesy of John McCain have now been joined by Putin’s pilots busy bombing the crap out of both sides with clinical accuracy, and our NATO ally Recep Erdogan has added the Daesh into the mix in order to up the atrocity count a little. But just when you thought GOP loonies in Congress pushing for ground troops was a little, you know, inflammatory, the bloke emerging as top looney in all this – Netanyahu – decided to send his Top Guns in to bomb a Syrian government building, because Mossad is convinced it harboured trainees in the blowing up of defenceless Jews not busy driving tanks over defenceless Palestinians. As Mossad is one of the few security services that knows vaguely what it’s doing, the chances are they were right. But might is not right, and timing is everything. Benjamin Netanyahu is so determined not to let things settle down (and thus face losing America’s interest) he has lost the plot – particularly in relation to that bit in the Final Act, Scene III, where the world blows up.

Now if you add all this mayhem up, you could be forgiven for concluding that the two government institutions Britain should steer completely clear of are The United States of America, and the European Union. And if you then look at their disgraceful citizen rights record and parlous econo-fiscal positions, you’d probably add Saudi Arabia, Turkey and China to that list. So it does say quite a lot about the judgement of the so-called British élite that they continue to laud the Special Relationship with the US, are desperate to stay in the rapidly collapsing EU bed, like nothing better than selling arms to the Saudis, have hired Beijing to oversee our nuclear power development, and toddle off to Ankara at regular intervals in order to praise Recep Erdogan to the Heavens.

But then, this is the Establishment that smiled upon Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, is chock full of Rupert Murdoch groupies, employs Miss Whiplash as the Home Secretary, gave the NHS job to a ferret who is a fan of private medicine, dubs all its opponents NVEs, lets judges ignore the role of juries in perjury cases, makes an admirer of Newscorp’s criminal empire the Justice Secretary….and wants to push post-Leveson laws through to make it difficult bordering on impossible to catch, er, the élite, at its daily task of fulfilling corruption targets.

Yes, I think I can safely say that there’s only been one thing worse than Camerlot and the Ed Miller Band over the last five years, and that’s the electorate which sat back and watched them screw up everything they were given to do.

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