THE LESSONS OF GREECE & SYRIA: As the Lord of the Flies giveth, so shall he take away.

I posted the other day comparing Camerlot in general and CallmeDave in particular to the brand of ‘leadership’ displayed by the Lord of the Flies – a book written in the 1950s about children cast away after a plane crash. The children rapidly become feral and, without any rule of Law to guide them, establish a dictatorship of cruelty.
As the backwash from the Paris  attacks continues to reveal all kinds of unpleasant detritus (and those of us who are awake told-you-so) both the EC Troikanauts and Camerlot can be seen, increasingly, as sporting short rather than long trousers. But they too have no Rule of Law to guide them…for they are of course busy hacking it to death.
We’ve seen significant events over the last few months, and they are connected – whether as a result of conspiratorial intent or amoral opportunism remains to be seen. Suffice to say they consist of an exodus of Syrians to various Arab countries and Greece – plus a substantial number residing at first in Turkey….but then storming across the EU by every transport mode available on their way to the perceived Nirvana of Germany.
The nonsense of Schengen has turned rapidly into paranoia from Brussels to Warsaw about the ease of crossing EU borders, and the dangers of Islamist infection. But it has also offered a golden opportunity for the EC fderalists to start punting the concept of Euroarmies, tougher Eurocops, and direct control – ‘overseerism’ – about border controls.
Like Manna from Heaven came the maniacs from Hell to wreak havoc in Paris, terrifying all of us with their supernatural power to be in three places at once and rise from the dead with just seven killers involved, at least thirteen of whom have now been shot…or not, depending on which ‘Mastermind’ bollocks you subscribe to.
Having had enough of thin edges of the wedge from the Troikanauts, Syriza is now resisting ‘help’ from Brussels-am-Berlin….knowing only too well what ‘help’ tends to turn into…and having long themselves fretted over their border with Macedonia.

Even the EC loons must have noticed that, during the time Greece badly needed help with refugees (long before most Europeans had noticed them) their response was to cut the rope to Greek banks and say no to humanitarian aid. So one can see the grounds for Tsipras’s doubts about motive here.
Perversely (and thus when it comes to the EU, predictably) Form Monitor Jeroan Dijesslbleom is now saying “If you can’t look after your own borders and stem all these swine we welcomed with open arms three weeks ago, well then we’ll have to do it for you”. So far, Tsipras is still saying thanks but no thanks, so now the Dutch Leerdammer has said OK, we’ll take away your cross-border rights. These are the ones that were non-negotiable when David Cameron wanted to opt out of them six weeks ago.
One phrase perhaps even more done to death than Keep Calm & Carry On of late has been “You couldn’t make it up”. But you really couldn’t with this lot: everyone must have QE, except Greece, everyone must have help with refugees, except Greece, everyone must have the freedom guaranteed since 1985 to cross borders freely, except Greece, and now everyone must have help controlling their borders, especially Greece.
The weekly EU rule-changing extends to NATO: every member must fight Jihadists, except Turkey, no member should destabilise or question the EU’s borders, except Turkey, and the EC must not make deals with authoritarian States who blackmail the EC Commission, except Turkey…who shall be rewarded for it.
Camerlot, meanwhile, has done especially well out of recent events. The PM has an all-enveloping distraction from his disastrous pleas demands saga with the EC’s Polish reject Donald Tusk, and the Parisian unpleasantness means his short-trousered foot-stamping over Syrian bombing is having the desired effect. No wonder he wants to stay in the EU: he is one of the best assets they have – if Brussels did but know it – because he is just like them and will tell any lie or twist any news to have his will prevail.

But it’s still not a cert….so now he has openly called Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn “a friend of terrorists”. An NVE, even: for Cameron and May have also shown us, have they not, that they give unto us our freedom to be eccentric…and taketh it away if it suiteth them.
The best protection the UK could deliver for its non-Jahidist citizens would be cutting off the Special Relationship, withdrawing from NATO, dropping the idea of bombing folks, and exiting any possibility of Brussels ‘border control management’. Dave wants to do the diametric opposite in all four cases. Why? ‘To make us safer’. It is pure, undiluted George Orwell yes is no and up is down and red is green.
You see, the EC can give us all freedom to cross borders….or take it away. And David Cameron can offer us safety from attack…..or take it away. Dave would like to offer us the freedom to control our own borders….but the EC took that away from him, so now he never wanted it anyway….because he doesn’t give a bluebottle’s fart about our safety.
How they are at one moment all-powerful, and yet – when the chips are really down – surprisingly powerless, these people who long to long rule over us. Dear oh dear oh dear.