At the End of the Day

It’s been one of those days when one’s optimism is in danger of being overwhelmed by repetitive reality.

Take the French newspapers this morning. One tabloid summed it up: ‘Le Choc’ – referring to the “shock” of Marine LePen’s massive gains
in the local elections here. In the wake of the Paris attestats, why was this a surprise?

Other regional and local papers referred to ‘resilient France’, and the Nationals here are still running stuff like ‘France will bounce back’.
Bounce back from what to what – the indiscriminate bombing of Syrians in response to the indiscriminate slaughter of Parisians?


Over in the US, TV viewers last night were ‘surprised’ that the Black Dude wasn’t more specific about the exact nature of ‘security measures’
following the San Bernadino killings. Oh dear. Why is ANYONE surprised that Yes We Can Man is a sandwich short of the beef? Given his Uncle
Tombama Day 1 sellout to Republican bankonomics, NSA 24/7 spying and Pentagon BayofPigsism, why would any thinking elector expect
anything different?


North of me in the UK, continuing lack of infrastructural investment led to yet another outbreak of misery at the hands of floods, while UK
manufacturing slowed down further still. Both inevitabilities were described by the media as being ‘surprising’ in their nature. For the second year in succession, David Cameron waded around in green wellies and George Osborne hid himself from public view. Accusations and
outcry were there none. If 50,000 homes are uninhabitable, then that leaves 19.75 million that aren’t. This is the basis upon which
government works now in Cruel Britannia.


Across the Channel in the land of the Eunatics where I reside, a piece of classic symbolism came to light yesterday: some €150,000 banknotes were found floating along the Danube….the result perhaps of Mario the dyke-plugger making one last desperate attempt to stem the dilution of his beloved currency. A young bloke dived in to try and grab some money for himself. Other boaters thought he was committing suicide and called the police. The cops turned up and tried to arrest him on a charge of theft.

That’s about as silly as it gets in one lifetime.

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