Friday Sketch: FFS markets blokes, stop hiding behind jargon

Have you been jargonated marketwise at this point in time? I address this core value question because, if you respond from too far along the positive dimension, I may not digest from an information standpoint what the f**k you’re on about.


This could be an ongoing point at issue if we accept an analysis using the Babel Model of downsides going forward, because employing such a paradigm, one could postulate that no one person knows what the f**k any other separately constituted person is on about.


For example, were we to take the Dupont-Chemical meeting of resources as a qualitatively upsized analogy, then the heads-up perception in the attic space might suggest a downside represented filmically as a noir representation of “Frankly lady, you would say that”. But as both sides in the participation set are in accord vis a vis the comfort involved in such critical mass, my carefully considered median coinage of added-value input would be that the outcomes could be either upside or stateside inside-out neck-on-the-block normal.


Right now, Chinese infrastructural negativity could interfere severely with the Western celebration of Nativity, even accepting the accepted spectrum of zero offensive acceptable greetings on reinforced paper cards heading P2P on the older age-quartile accepted snail-mail continuum. But we mustn’t set aside the post Black Friday knock-on outwash effect when giving due consideration to the relative rate of sale in the liquidity-aridity syndrome context, with which we are all now painfully familiar.


Those of us on the inside track have been looking closely at institutional complexity indices, with specific focus on radial blur in the semi-basement lavatory inventory, and on that basis our conclusion is that there is an artificially induced levelling of the solids downpour intented to disguise an upweighted level of non-chilled anxiety when quantifying the cost of margin-call money-reduction in the latterly depressed OMG sector.


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