CRASH2: when everyone feels they have to lie, then you know it’s a war


Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?

So many things today come under that infamous Mandy Rice-Davies riposte to the Profumo scandal prosecutor. Earlier today down under, the Australian Energy Minister said he had “every confidence in the Chinese economic future”. Three hours later, the Shanghai Composite closed 6.4% down on the day – a dire outcome even by its own standards.

But 120% of Australia’s profitable trade involves selling unrefined mineral ores to, um, China so he would say that.

After taking a few seconds to gulp, the market explained it away with ‘on anticipation of G20 meeting’ because it would say that.

Today’s big corporate ads for Lloyds trumpet its recovery and say that Lloyds ‘is supporting Britain’s recovery’. But then, the results were ruined by a whopping £2.1bn PPI mis-selling payout to customers they scammed so they would say that.

Ozone-head Christine Lagarde asserts that “Brexit fears are threatening UK recovery”, but then she’s part of the TTIP/US colonial/EC/EU army so she would say that.

In the current swirling environment of gathering crises – ClubMed, global slowdown, oil glut, Syrian bombing anarchy, Chinese instability, EU chaos, Islamic Jihadism, migrant policy meltdown, Brexit, threats to the US political élite, splits in the UK Establishment Parties, tool paucity among the central bankers, NHS collapse, Ukraine State failure, Erdogan double-agent antics, trigger-happy US foreign policy and Arabian chaos – it’s getting well-nigh impossible to find objective opinions, or tell fact from fiction.

The biggest casualty by far in the 21st century is Truth. But Truth is the first casualty of war. Does this therefore make sense?

Yes, I think it does: because the human species is at war with itself.

It’s a war on myriad fronts, but one collective phrase nails it: tectonic tension between rigid and dysfunctional belief systems.

We’ve been here before I know, but in 2016 people do not debate, they lie: and when found out, they insult; and if harried, they block.

Blocking on Twitter is one thing, and God help me, sometimes it is justified. Blocking the Opposition’s ability to function – via rigging, gerrymandering, legal vindictiveness, and the invention of oxymoronic NVEs – is a direct attack on Citizen liberty.

Today, it’s being pursued by the Camerlot clique. Next time, it might be the Corbyn clique. Ultimately, though I know my many friends on the Left would call this nonsense, there is nothing to choose between the two of them: they are both like priests demanding a belief in instant transubstantiation.

Wealth does not trickle down, redistributed wealth creates dependence, feminism is far from being a cure-all, neoliberalism has been a social disaster, globalist mercantilism creates zero-sum anarchy, and multiculturalism has yet to work in any society on Earth.

Old, tribalist ideas generate war as an outlet for activist aggression. New ideas unite, giving hope and motivation to those left out previously.

But without new ideas augmenting the sense of unity, the revolutionary vision takes over. Dictatorship replaces autocracy, and new wars based on the extreme break out.

There were no new ideas in pre 1789 France, Tsarist Russia or Soviet Russia. Today, there are no original ways forward on offer in the US, the UK, or the EU.

Nothing lasts forever, and things that don’t work are eventually vapourised more quickly than anyone ever expects.

This is what many of us will have to accept over the next decade. We are at pre-Crash2 Correction3 on an econo-fiscal dimension, but the cultural reset is on its way. Ignore facts, and you get fear. Nurture fear, and you inflame violence.

If CNN, BBCNews, Bloomberg, Russia Today, France24 et al ignore the probability, it doesn’t make it dissipate. On the contrary, it makes it inevitable.

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