Revolutionary Britannia, AD 2016



Several sources and UK blogs reveal over a decade that Senior Sir Humphreys illegally grabbed £700bn for their pensions. Nobody is incensed. The Daily Telegraph runs a mouse-that-roared series about MP’s expenses instead. People are furious. Nothing changes.

Junior Doctors have slave-labour contracts forced on them, and then single mothers get support help removed. But I’m not a single mother or a doctor, and I’m not ill or pregnant. So I won’t go to the barricades just yet.

The Government condemns 3,000 steel jobs to death by lobbying to allow cheap Chinese steel to flood the market, and leave a big hole in Tata’s balance sheet. They need the Chinese because we don’t seem able to build a nuclear power station, although ours was the first in the world. Avid Rabid (ex Deutsche Bank tax evader) lies to the jobless workers, “we are doing everything we can”. Daybed Cameldung f**ks off on holiday, doesn’t come back. Jeremy Corbyn tweets a bit, and gets up a petition.

George Osborne introduces a budget that reduces disabled benefits and removes subsidies from prosthetics. The pro-Leave EU  Minister involved resigns, and feeling under pressure about Brexit, the Chancellor does a 180 degree volte-face. He also introduces tax cuts for the well off that are eleven times bigger than those for the poor; you see, the poor have no power, and they don’t vote Conservative. Still no barricades. Not even a march, and not one placard. It then emerges that the Chinese Government is to impose a 46% import duty on the type of steel produced by Tata in Wales. But it’s Friday night. People yawn, it’s been a long week. What’s on the telly, Bianca?

Rebekah Brooks (who has been hacking mobile phone messages since 2002) is found not guilty of hacking into mobile phone messages. Jeremy Clarkson sends her a crate of champagne. Her lover and fellow phone-hacker Andy Coulson faces a further charge of perjury. It’s provably obvious he lied under oath. The judge dismisses the case, disallowing the Jury its constitutional right to decide for themselves as to how germain the lie was. A mob does not storm the Ministry of Justice. Rupert Murdoch reappoints Brooks as CEO of News International. Phone hack victims do not climb the walls of the Wapping Rest Home for Whopping liars.

Boris Johnson is torn apart on a Channel 4 interview about his dubious past…none of which he can refute, because it’s all true. He and Tim ‘Taxis’ Yeo are caught by a fellow minister diggering about with the emission figures on Tim’s Taxis. Johnson comes out publicly and dismisses the phone hacking investigation as “a waste of Met Police time”. He then takes over personal control of the Elm House child-trafficking scandal involving a Tory council. When he leaves office, no further arrests or press releases have emanated from the Elm House enquiry. As he declares for Brexit, Boris Johnson emerges as “the most popular Conservative politician in the UK”.

Theresa May passes a law making it a criminal offence to be extreme, with no definition of extreme included in the Bill, and no exceptions for those who hold such views but do not indulge either in violence or its incitement. It is effectively a Fascist’s Charter. The Bill passes with barely a mark on it. Its passage is ignored by the MSM. The Law Society gets up a petition. Not a single demo is reported in the media. The basic right of self-regarding free speech is tossed into the bin as if it might be an out of date medication.

The EU introduces a forced austerity régime into the so-called ‘ClubMed’ eurozone countries, bludgeons an elected Government in Athens into submission, illegally  uses the ECB to destabilise Greece’s bank reserves, and takes unelected control of an elected Assembly. Far from creating an outcry in Britain, by the end of these and other grossly  anti-liberal actions, 40% still want to stay in the EU, with 20% undecided. Flaccid Scameron brings back a joke set of ‘reforms’ and suggests these are the key to wholesale reform of the EU. Everyone laughs out loud. There are no demands for his resignation. The 40/40% tie on EU stay or leave remains exactly the same. It emerges that the controlling, globalist anti-local entrepreneur TTIP trade agreement between the EU and the USA will be decided with no consultation with either the European Parliament of any Member States. This is a de jure admission that the EC is now a totalitarian dictatorship umbilically tied to Washington. There are no riots in Paris, no demos in Berlin. In Greece, they’re too busy trying to work out how to live with halved pensions, doubled prices and increased taxes. In Britain, the 40/40% tie between leavers and remainders remains immovable. So far, only Kate Hoey on the British Left has volubly opposed all these actions. Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning on the Stay ticket.

Ever since the UK Treasury/DWP avis of weasels finally fessed up to the fact that 1950s born women would have to wait six years for their pensions, the water cannon have not been required, guns have not been used, nobody in the Commons has hit George Osborne with the Mace, and the WASPI leadership remains convinced that their three-pronged campaign of coffee mornings, petitions and polite engagement will win out in the end. There’ll be none of that vulgar chaining ourselves to railings and diving under royal racehorses thank you very much.

There’s a plethora of other crucial constitutional causes – false sexual abuse allegations involving police complicity, zero hours  contracts, the grubby relationship between HSBC, Cameron and the BBC, Newscorp involvement in murder cover-ups, guilty socialite phone hackers still at large, ballot stuffing in the 2015 General Election, oilco profiteering (where is that enquiry, Dave?), RBS fraud, flagrant disregard for Green Belt law, the £6.5bn relief sum given to oilcos in the Budget….onandonandonandon the Ariston of arse-licking, nest-feathering, envelope stuffing, sharp practice and politically motivated governance goes. It continues unabated and unhindered for two simple reasons: there is no effective  legislative Opposition to it (because Labour spits venom rather than inviting cooperation); and most people are too selfish, lazy, smug, ignorant or desperately depressed to lift themselves off the sofa.

This is the Real Britannia of 2016:

  1. People don’t know the difference between a deficit and a debt, but they do know the exact size of Kim Kardashian’s tits
  2. They don’t “have the time” to be active about social causes, but they know all the acts in X-Factor
  3. They haven’t a clue what to do about immovable Toryism, but they do know they hate the LibDems and the SNP
  4. Even if the top politicians have their hands in the safe, that’s OK so long as they’re a safe pair of hands
  5. A piece of blatant exploitation is ‘a reform’. An obnoxiously broken promise is ‘a fiscal necessity’. An economy based entirely on financial services is ‘the fastest growing economy in the G7’…even when it isn’t. A ballooning National Debt is ‘Britain living within its means again’. A falling rate of growth is ‘unexpected’. A Page One error in projected tax collection is ‘headwinds in the global economy’. And a plummeting Pound is ‘volativity’
  6. Over time, the Prime Minister appoints a criminal perjuror, a paedophile, a drug-money launderer, a squeak with a cocaine habit, a tax-evading nepotist fraud, a proven internet fraudster, a suspected Libor rate rigger, a tax-evading ex banker, a man renowned for dodgy banking connections and “the worst political antennae in Parliament”, a man still believed by senior police officers to be a serial perverter of Justice, and a Justice minister censured by the Law Society for introducing “unacceptably political legislation detrimental to equality before the Law”.

It is a form of Rule Britannia, but it is easily the most Cruel Britannia of my lifetime. It is a Britannia that takes every opportunistic chance to be agrressive in its foreign policy: there is no Pax Britannica here….there is only an endlessly lax Britannica. Britannia no longer rules the waves, it is merely a safe haven for knaves, sloppy advisors, well-tailored spivs and brainless celebrities. But as Duane Dogknob averrs,

“Looouuurk, it’s all just a bitafun, innit eh? Nuffin ter get excited about. Looka the feckin knockers on that. I could give that one. S’all ‘armless giggles in terday’s multculchral s’cietee, right? That Boris is alroit. Wunt give yer tuppence fer the rest of ’em. S’always been the same….I mean, whaddya expect? Narr mite, It don’t intrested me. Does me ‘ead in. Nuffin’ we do makes any diffrunce. Let ’em get on wivvit. Got me own life to lead anneye, eh?”

You may have a point there, Duane. You may indeed.