BREXIT: If you’re worried about leaving, think Greece….and what it got for staying.


I think I may have been among the first internet commentators on EU gangsterism to run a piece about Tim Geithner saying to an intimate, after his return from the EU Wroclaw Summit of September 2011, “Those bastards in the EC, they are going to beat Greece to a pulp with a f**king baseball bat”. I was told of the exchange by an old contact – a New York based institutional lawyer – and went with it because the person had never been wrong about anything like that….and the record still stands.

In late 2014, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reported a confirmation of the story after reading Geithner’s memoirs. Tim was quoted as follows:

…..the Europeans came into that meeting basically saying: ‘We’re going to teach the Greeks a lesson. They are really terrible. They lied to us. They suck and they were profligate and took advantage of the whole basic thing and we’re going to crush them.”

AEP’s comment in the Telegraph piece went like this:

‘So now we know: Europe’s leaders did indeed attempt to smash Greece back into the Stone Age out of vindictive rage; conspired to withhold debt support for Italy unless the elected leader was forced out; and mismanaged the EMU crisis for three years with a level of stupidity that makes you want to weep.’

Ambrose is unpredictable at times, but not a person you could accuse of being deep down some mentally constructed rabbit hole leading to Middle Earth. He remains a brilliant and grounded master of the data.

Thus, all those still undecided on the Brexit issue need to think on these two things: after all the “trouble” we’ve caused the poor dears,

  1. If we do decide to stay, do you really think there’ll be no revenge?
  2. Do you think The Mob in Brussels-am-Berlin will eschew the opportunity to pile as much blame onto the Brexit Saga in order to excuse what AEP calls ‘a level of stupidity that makes you want to weep’?

Last Friday I received an email from a long-standing Belgian contact containing the following extract:


The ‘here’ referred to is Brussels, just in case you were wondering.

During January, there were a series of scare stories in the UK press about the UK being punished for leaving, not staying. I (and many other bloggers) pointed out the ridiculous illogic of this: they need us far more than we need them, so what could the eurogroupe nasties do to us without shooting themselves in the head?

The far more logical time to punish an escapee is when he’s back in prison and can’t get out. The obvious sentence would be simply to renege on everything they’d agreed…as it seems to be Cameron’s favourite modus operandum, he’d get that in one. But remember the words of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

‘….did indeed attempt to smash Greece back into the Stone Age out of vindictive rage…with a level of stupidity that makes you want to weep.’

No: I doubt very much if simply breaking every promise they made – which wouldn’t run to a hill of beans anyway – would be anywhere near enough for these dingbat gargoyles. TTIP will be signed, as I posted earlier this week, with zero reference to any member State or even the elected EU Parliament. These nasty little balls of bile will ensure that we are stitched out of them to the maximum degree.

And you think maybe the Special Relationship will help us? Oh, per-leeeze.

Brexit is the braver move….but it is in reality by far the least dangerous.

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