At the End of the Day

The Camerlot media are working hard to associate Labour with an extreme alternative. It’s up to Labour to show that radical need not be extreme.

There being an FA Cup replay* involving kwalertee bolls, kwalertee playuz and kwalteree parses tonight, it’s perhaps not surprising that I’ve abandoned data and profound intellect in favour of an emotional question.

As the awareness spreads beyond the Labour Party that Britain is being run by a shambles of bare-faced spivs, have you noticed how every last extra-Parliamentary demonstration of Opposition features Socialist Worker placards prominently?

The SWP are past masters at getting themselves a high profile via movements like the Anti-Nazi League and Rock against Racism, but in reality their membership and support are minute. That situation pertains because the SWP leadership is a living, breathing version of pinhead-angel Marxist v Trotskyist debate as memorably satirised by the Pythons in A Life of Brian.

One overwhelming measure of the Party’s failure in the UK is that – despite being inveterate opportunists and yet constipated ideologists at one and the same time – the SWP has never moved beyond being an international socialist rest home for outdated syntax and dialectical processes that mean nothing to British voters.

But there is more to this than the Socialist Worker’s talent for punching several tons above average weight in the media. As usual, the problem lies with the media set itself – which remains ruthlessly biased.

There is, in my book, a clear attempt here to suggest that, if you don’t vote Conservative, then the only alternative is Hard Left extremism. It is Maily Telegraph in its simplistic silliness….but to the dumbed down and/or smug sectors of the electorate, it will make a degree of sense.

However, equally worrying is that the ‘IS’ connection to Jeremy Corbyn and his followers is a very real one. To be blunt, it is a connection that the 25-40 year old family-forming voter doesn’t understand at all: for it belongs to the 1970s, which to them is as alien as the politics of the 1930s were to my generation when young.

This is the dangerous outcome of sclerotic Party ideology that cannot have or even entertain fresh ideas. We’ve seen it twice now this week in Parliament – at the  tax haven debate on Monday, and then its equally circuitous continuation on Wednesday at PMQs.There is a fight going on here between Young Tory Fogeys and Old Labour Fogeys. They are the same Trench thinkers from the First World War who retreated to Dunkirk in 1940, uncomprehended by the Young Tommies under their command.

The prize-fight is being positioned as a tussle between capitalism and socialism, but it is nothing of the sort: rather, it is a third-rate bout between globalist monopolism and globalist collectivism, two worn sides of the same debased Edwardian coin.

Can you imagine anything more silly than a slugging match between two old tugs to decide which will be the least irrelevant winner of the next election?

I ask you to fast forward to June 23rd, and a declaration of the EU referendum in the early hours of June 24th.

A vote to Remain in the EU will leave the Establishment intact: the Right/Left alliance secure and held together by a shared belief in BIG.

A vote to Leave will eject Camerlot from power, and render the Tories hopelessly split. It will alienate Labour as a whole from just over half the electorate, and leave both it and the SNP on the losing side. It could lead to a natural devolution of power to SMALL….keeping such a UK ahead of the curve away from supranationalism.

It will be tricky and traumatic. But it will be healthy. It will force the nation to turn away from rigid ideology and think again. It will reinvent a sense of adventure – and hopefully stimulate the voyager gene to a point where we can defy the globalist mantra in favour of community and citizen fulfilment.

Above all, it will give us the chance to do what Iceland has done: prove beyond reasonable doubt that the New Colonialism is deprivational and depraved….and that individual human beings can make the difference that really counts.

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*Man United beat West Ham 2-1