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New poll reveals a Rotten Borough called Britain

SQUARE.JW.01The latest ORB poll for the Daily Telegraph shows those who want the UK to remain in the EU are becoming more motivated to vote: 65% of them (a rise by four points since the previous ORB tracker) are now likely to cast a vote.

If a referendum was held today, ORB opines, Remain would get 52% of the vote, an increase of three points since the previous ORB poll…with Leave trailing on 43%.

The somewhat disturbing ( and if real, anger-inducing) story behind this opening up of a lead by Remain is that the fieldwork was carried out after Camerlot spent a small fortune on a national direct mail campaign….using taxpayers’ money. This particular visual supports the link strongly:



It really is as simple as this: your money has bought votes, and reversed the visibility lead of the Vote Leave camp.

The Daily Telegraph – ‘We’ll print WTF you want, subject to negotiation’ – has of late been iincreasingly anti-Brexit, so no doubt some EU funds have been channeled into the Channel Islands. There was a reader’s letter in there yesterday that sounded just like a Cabinet Office release, and included this classic extract:


Does anyone talk like that any more? Anyway, Greece’s narrow interests have provided a valuable example, and some salutary lessons:

  1. If you get into trouble, the most dangerous option is to ask for help from the EU
  2. Don’t let your narrow interest in keeping Erdogan the Caliphate under control blind you to the wider concern of feeling safe under NATO, and its Continuous State Destabilisation Policy
  3. When you intervene philanthropically to clear up the human mess left by NATO, expect more baseball bats, not money.


And finally, the £36billion UK budget ‘Brexit black hole’ being predicted by Chancellor N. Gorged-Nobsore bears a spooky resemblance to just how far out his Budget calculations were: but it also makes him one of the most predictable predictors in UK history. For Georgie Pudding & Porkies is (a) always wrong and (b) was forecast here and on thousands of other sites to be a dead cert to use Brexit as the cause of the on-course off-blowing.

But Robsone had already been blown off course by 2012 on the deficit, and the debt continued to rise because he had no ideas at all for tackling it. At that time, Brexit as a term didn’t even exist.

So there you are: an Establishment media set, embezzlement of public funds, and scraemongering lies to cover up fiscal incompetence.

Level playing field, anyone?

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