BREXIT: as our brown-nosing PM sees the formation of a German-led euroarmy, he doesn’t even blink.



Dave the brownnose Remaindeer

Stuck his conk up Berlin’s bum

told Brits there was nothing to fear

(so he’d make a tidy sum)

Cuddled up to Mogherini-

they both brownnosed Erdogan…


…..lubricated by Tahini,

that’s when all the fun began.

Things were turning rather bad –

 suicidal mad Jihad

and so with her nose so brown,

Mogh said she would put them down.

So she starts to build an army

Geli’s first to volunteer

Holland proves it’s just as barmy

so Dodgy Dave the Remaindeer

prays the bleary Brits won’t notice

glued to their flat screen TV –

cracks a gag and says “My advice

is that you believe in me”.


“Would I shit you?”

In 2014, the then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg insisted in a live debate with Nigel Farage, “The idea there’s going to be a European army, a European air force, it is simply not true”. Napper Clegg dismissed the UKip leader’s claims as “dangerous fantasy”.

breitbarteuarmyDear British People

As an expat, I have everything to lose (and will gain only a pile of bureaucratic ordure) if we Brexit. So I feel able to ask you three simple questions:

  1. Do you really, really – no REALLY – think it’s a good idea to recreate a German army that Jean-Claude Juncker is already on the record as saying “will send a message not just to ISIS but also Russia”? As an EU member, to remain is to accept that we will have to comply with this undemocratic decision, and send recuits to the euroarmy…..and be subservient to German officers.
  2. We already have Dodgy Dave. Do you really want to add Mendacious Mario to the mix – another Goldman Sachs crook whose career as an Italian banker is under several clouds? Do you really want to remain part of a trading bloc that is fiscally bankrupt and economically flatlining?
  3. Do you really want a bunch of overpaid incompetent Belgians bullying us like they do Greece? Do you really want to have no say in Dodgy global Deals on trade?

I ask only that you look at the track record of the European Union. It lies, it cheats, it doesn’t listen, it breaks the law, and it ignores its citizens.

Now ask yourself: do you want that Master to be armed as well?

Please, please wake up before it’s too late.

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