At the End of the Day

TTIP: A final straw in the assessment of a President

Why would anyone still believe in Tame Duck President Obama after he made it clear, talking about TTIP, that he would “like to see it finalised” before he leaves office? Not at any point in my lifetime has a ‘Treaty’ so brazenly attempted to glorify neoliberal economics, separate the State from any concept of a social weal, bully its unfortunate recipients into acceptance of greed being rebranded as ‘reform’, and done its best on every dimension to tip the balance still further in favour of capital and against human labour.

The TTIP has been the subject of numerous leaks, scathing criticisms and liberal distaste across the globe. And while my sympathies do not lie with Greenpeace – itself a woeful example of corporate hypocrisy – it is hard to read the extracts they’ve released and not be appalled about what’s in play.

The basic areas this obscene heist covers might be summarised as  IT/media/telecoms, agricultural products, intellectual property, financial regulation, employment law and public services.

Based on previous leaks plus these latest revelations, the TTIP Weltanschauung is very easy to define. IT shall be controlled by corporations and cooperate fully with Sovereign security services. Net neutrality will be abandoned in favour of first bite at the news for élite media. All market-share regulatory rulings in relation to media ownership will be abolished. Phoneco takeovers of smaller fish will be encouraged. Agriculture will adopt GM and extensive production on market rather than species need/loss of strain access criteria. Intellectual property will be defined as corporacratic and defied for individual creators. Central and large private banks will do ‘whatever if takes’ to save the world…free from interfering dogooders. Employment law will be reformed out of existence. And the term ‘public services’ will be deemed an oxymoron in perpetuity.

Yet here is this first ever black nominee and now retiring Democrat President pushing for TTIP as if it might be his most valued legacy. What can one say beyond, it says a lot more about his values than any legacy that might be valuable to the human race.

It is, let’s face it, a naked bid for US globalist hegemony in the most flimsy gossamer disguise imaginable. And it cries out for an alternative (and better) method of trade, money transmission, development and human fulfilment.

I am far from believing that China, Russia, the emerging economies and the AIIB represent anything even close to the definition of ‘better’; but they do represent an alternative, and we should at least be thankful for that. Because any opposition to this proposed perversion of élitism would be better than nothing.

It’s a shame that, in 2016, “better than nothing’ is the only thing on offer. But then, that situation has pertained for a long time: it will take even longer to improve on it.

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