Stephen Crabb update: Zoominfo company search entry vapourises

Many of you will have seen this entry from my previous blog on Stephen Crabb’s alleged business interests:


It comes from Zoominfo, and this is turning into one of those situations where one is very glad to have kept the page capture.

The entry has been up at Zoominfo for at least 20 days to my certain knowledge – that is, when I first began researching Mr Crabb’s background.

You can see I took the capture while in the ‘profile’ tab. In the ‘companies’ tab it dated the entry at four years ago and ‘active’, but I can’t prove that: here’s why.

After a genuinely worried Slog threader wrote to say she was concerned about the lack of entry at Companies House, I went back to Zinfo to re-establish the facts. The entry was there at 10.30ish CET. At 10.40ish, it wasn’t.

Just fancy that. A company search entry sits there for four years (allegedly) and then disappears within 100 minutes of a blog appearing. What on earth can it all mean?

Obviously, one can generate all kinds of hypotheses. But until I can establish with a degree of certainty what’s happened/happening here, I must regrettably suggest you all think before retweeting the previous Slogpost.

By the way, others still have written to say that there is no record of Stephen Crabb as a director at Companies House. That  is not true: Mr Crabbe has a director listing dating back to 2002, but it is not listed as active.