MPs plot to scupper UK referendum result as US State Dept reverses release of Clinton emails


Old lady’s escape from EU disaster foiled by Piggie with lassoo


mesnipThe Slog has been convinced for months that British referendum voters should see the Leave option as a Brexit from globalism, the Special Relationship, NATO, EU federalism and dangerous US-led geopolitics in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. That the stakes are high for US hegemonists is evidenced by dirty tricks both here and in the US Presidential Election. But disturbing new developments show a clear and continuous line from Hillary Clinton’s emails about TTIP to a Parliamentary Establishment plot designed to reverse the ‘wrong’ referendum result.

I have a sense that a great many people will not have seen this piece at the BBC – an institution which should now be renamed Bollocks Broadcast by Corporatists. My suspicion is that it’s up there ‘for the record’….in pretty much the same way that grubby little posters put up in some Job Centres ‘told’ 1950s-born women they were going to have a year or two knocked off their pensions…a delay that became six years. Also it’s perhaps part of a gentle softening-up process…giving people time to get used to the idea that their votes are irrelevant.

The post includes several MPs talking openly about Parliament overruling the Brexit referendum result if the Leave campaign wins. As we have no Constitutional documents laying out the legality/sovereignty of referendums versus Parliament, the chances are that – as Parliament IS clearly set out by Bagehot as the Sovereign power – the ruse would be legal. It would be the rape of democracy and a foul spit in the face of British citizens, but it would be legal.

A couple of days ago – as more polls emerged showing a lead for the Leave camp – David Cameron was reported in the mainstream press to have had discussions with Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrat Remaindeers – allegedly about “presenting a more united front” from the Establishment. The Slog has since contacted two legislators, and now believes that in fact Cameron wanted soundings on their support for overruling the result. The implication of the BBC piece also supports that view.

The idea is that Cameron would stay as Leader and call upon the House “in a sham ‘free vote'” to endorse the Brexit decision. Remaindeers outnumber Leavers in the Commons by 4 to 1. There would be a massive vote to Remain. This would be presented as all being part of the sound ‘checks and balances’ nature of democracy. It would be if we lived in the US, but we don’t: and how many American citizens really imagine the College would ever overturn a popular Presidential win?

You may recall – I certainly do, because it got me a lot of heat from Leavers – a piece I wrote last January 11th. It was a multi-issue post, but in it were these paragraphs:


I have since been back to the two sources who told me how neither the Oval Office nor the State Department would allow a Brexit, and put the BBC story to them. The responses from both were “I told you so”.

As Kate Hoey said at the outset of the referendum campaign, “This isn’t about our relationship with Europe, it’s about the People versus the Establishment”. As usual, Hoey was spot-on: but I would also add that, from the viewpoint of mad geopolitics, it’s about The free individual versus NATO corporatism.

Last April 16th I asked “what are we Brexiting from” and wrote:


The second source, by the way, is a Brussels middle-ranker.

On January 17th, The Slog posted as follows:


For some weeks now, it has become increasingly clear that the Euroarmy is being played down until after June 23rd. But it is impossible to play down the lunacy of an EU ‘dedicated to Peace’ having a standing army….like the EC, ECB and Eurogroupe, accountable to nobody…except perhaps NATO and the Pentagon. On March 2nd I posted this:



In truth, I doubt if even 1 in 10 Remaindeer voters really understand what the circumstances surrounding Brexit Black Arts are about NATO and US Foreign policy. Which brings us neatly onto the subject of Hillary Clinton.

Overnight European time, this pro-Sanders Tweet went up:


This is as clear a case as you’ll see of the media trying to break the will of BernieorBust supporters by suggesting it’s game-over already. I tend to think Hillary will not be allowed to lose (just as the Remaindeers must not be allowed to lose) but the defiant response of Sanders supporters is fully justified. Lynton Crosby tried to pull the same stunt in the Telegraph against the Leave campaign two weeks ago.

If Clinton beats Trump, I think – given her State Department experience – she will be a foreign affairs focused President. She has befriended Wall Street, supported Pentagon & CIA objectives in the Middle East and Europe, and is an allround colonialist hawk….in short, a committed American Hegemonista. Here’s a few pointers as to how her victory is being ensured by the US Establishment:

  • A virtual media blackout on reporting Sanders primary wins
  • a non-stop tirade against multi-billionaire Donald Trump
  • threatening Party pros with expulsion of they attend Sanders rallies
  • dirty campaign tricks in Iowa, New Hampshire & Nevada, and now….
  • no release of her emails until after the Election

This last one seals it, really. Yesterday, top International Business Times editor David Sirota reported that the State Department will now NOT release Hillary’s State Department emails sent to the US Trade Representative about TIPP until after the November election. Sirota was palmed off with this garbage:

“Our office was recently informed that the search process has been completed and that the information located from that search is currently being prepared for the review process. The new estimated completion date for your request is November 31, 2016.”

Thanks due to Big G in Dublin who points out to me that November 31st doesn’t exist: in other words, “Never”.

Obama said the mails were to be released in April. Now they’re not. The Black Dude has been mulling two considerations here: the effect that the TIPP clauses would have on the Brexit vote – ie, the likelihood of the British Left coming face to face with what the trade deal is really about; and how bad it would look when the harsh proposals laid out by Clinton are known….given that publicly she has reversed her stance on the deal.

As the Buddhists insist, “Everything is connected”.

There is no other way for an informed mind to call these developments. Brexit, says the Labour Party, is nothing but a spat in the Tory Party. It is a spat: but it is far bigger than either Corbyn or Burnham would have us believe.

Brexit is just one obstacle in the way of an intercontinental coup being engineered by NATO, on behalf of those neoliberal corporate fascists who now own the political process. Under this régime, all signs of electoral rebellion will be stamped on, and then manipulation of the results rubber-stamped by political whores.

The last thing any decent democratic Brit should do is ease this process by either voting Remain, or abstaining.

You have the power to make any stunt they try to pull as difficult – and as open to public contempt – as possible. A great result would be a 55-45 win for Leave; a stunt-stopper would be 60-40.

Perhaps more than any other single group now, solidarity in stopping the seemingly inexorable rumble of the Corporatist tanks applies to those British 1950’s-born women who are the victims of a heist by those leading the tank Blitzkrieg.

Yesterday, I made it clear on Twitter that I’m unable to deal any more with the Waspi Executive….which purports to represent these women, but which has so far achieved zero recompense for blatant thievery. Frankly, I now have doubts as to their motives and competence.

But I would urge all victims of the State Pension Welch to vote solidly for Brexit. Success for the Remain camp will guarantee the failure of your cause.

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