OPINION: There are as many reasons for Brexit as there are Brexiteers

By definition, Brexiteers will have multiple motives for rejecting EU membership

mesnipMost of the arguments for and against Brexit are based on statistics: migration, trade levels, taxes, gdp, currency values, banking, recession, investment and all the rest of it. When I voted to stay inside the EEC as it then was in 1975, I remember only the ideals of greater cultural understanding and economic interdependence as solid, practical ways to avoid further bloodletting after two World Wars. My views have not changed: but since then, the nature of the “European Project” has changed from mutual communitarianism to globalist federalism.

Elsewhere, I have enumerated nearly 200 varied rationales for Brexit based on considerations that are Benthamite, not globalist – ie, individualist not systemic. I am for individualism with a responsibility to the community…not the SuperState determined to crush the responsible individual. Because I desire the sovereignty of the community of individuals, I recognise that there will be hundreds of tailored reasons why they’d want to leave the one-size-fits-all totalitarian State. This confuses some people as to my position. What follows is the gist of a reply to one such earlier today.

NOBODY knows the fiscal and economic consequences of leaving….although speaking for myself, as we have an EU trade deficit, it is very hard to see how we can suffer more than, say, Germany must from Brexit.

All that said, however, my reasons for wanting to leave have nothing whatever to do with trade, fiscality, economics, currencies or anything remotely connected to Mammon. In fact, I for one don’t care that much about ‘sovereignty’ so much as having control over our destiny as social citizens. If the EU reverted to the EEC and we could devolve more power down to communities, that too would suit me fine.

No, I want to leave the EU because
1. The goal is undemocratic federalism, and I regard that as the quintessence of evil
2. The bastards in charge show not an atom of an iota of willingness to reform or change, and only an idiot could fail to see that…..for example, most of the Labour Party
3. We have bastards in government here in the UK and another lot equally bad running Juncker’s EC and Schauble’s eurogroupe…a gathering, I might add, with less legality as a power than Smith after UDI or the bastards who replaced him: if we Brexit, Camerlot will fall and Brussels will be neutered
4. I have close links with Greece going back nearly 50 years and I despise the Brussels Bastards for what they have done to Hellas
5. I am a mutual capitalist communitarian, not a socialist or neoliberal Big SuperState bastard: as far as I’m concerned, the Referendum position taken by UK Conservatives and Labour is no better than the Nazi-Soviet pact
6. I believe in taking ALL the monied influence out of politics. I believe the only practical way to do that is via small communities. I deplore everything that globalism, multinational big business, multiculturalism, TTIP and bourse finance stand for. A vote to Remain is so obviously a vote for more of that – and the certain chaos that goes with it – I would only consider doing so if Bernie Sanders became the EU’s elected President and Viktor Orban its elected Prime Minister, having both been elected on the same ticket – the wholesale destruction of every dystopian federalist ideal everywhere, and an end to all colonialism – economic, cultural or otherwise.

Perhaps this might help you and others understand my philosophy, and why I left England three years ago.

Perhaps also I should change The Slog mantra from IABATO (It’s all bollocks and that’s official) to TABATO (They’re all Bastards and that’s Obvious).

We shall see. On verra. Que sera sera. Wir Werden sehen.

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