JO COX/BREXIT: the petition every Brexiteer has been expecting gets a media surge…allegedly




mesnipA gentleman called Christopher McGinty lodged an e-petition on the Parliament website last February 29th. Since the murder of Jo Cox MP, the site signatures ‘have surged’ according to yesterday’s Independent. It was at 20,000 when the Indie published its existence. As of this morning, it’s at 34,000. Clearly, although campaigning in the EU referendum has been ‘suspended’, the work of attaching blame for the murder firmly upon Brexiteers continues unabated. The Slog investigates.

The Independent – one of the most consistent finger-pointers at a so-called (but non-existent) link between Tommy Mair and the Leave campaign – led with this yesterday:


Further down – a long way further down – the piece mentioned that the chances of the petition being debated before polling day were zero. However, the Indie features this little wheeze….upon which The Slog posted twelve days ago:


Well, just fancy that. And this petition was lodged 3 months ago. “Independent creates self-fulfilling prophecy as previously obscure petition surges after Independent points people at it.”

McGintyChristopher McGinty (left) comes from Glasgow. He’s a child care worker, likes footie and seems to be a decent sort of bloke. There seems nothing sinister about him at all: good looking partner and cute kid. My only query here is why The Independent offered details of his petition and tied it into an article about Jo Cox. As I posted previously, there seems to be a campaign afoot to soften voters up for MPs overruling the Brexiteer majority – if it actually materialises.

Suspension of the Referendum stump or not, the media disinformation barrage continues. Here are two more classic IABATOs from the Mail today:


On the left, same old story rubbished here yesterday….there is no Brexit link at all. To the right, Mail condemns bloke who thinks the Referendum should continue, points out he wants UK to leave and is covered in swastikas. But he is NOT an official VoteLeave activist, and he is NOT a member of UKip. Also note how Mair is a loner one minute, and a Brexit activist the next.

Having covered its entire Friday front page with a 100% untrue ‘Brexit gunman’ smear, The Star continues to peddle untruths with this gem today:


It is now common knowledge that Mair made the purchase in 1999….so obviously, all that wicked whipping up of hatred for Muslims and migrant workers finally tipped him over the edge 17 years later. It really is the most unutterable crap. Disappointingly, Craig Murray also blames ‘Islamophobia’ for the rise and rise of hate in the UK, asserting that it is now ‘official’ cps policy that ‘only Muslims are charged as terrorists’. As Tommy Mair isn’t a Muslim, and has been charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act – it’s a claim that doesn’t hold water…but will without doubt be repeated elsewhere.

I say that because, for example, the Torygraph continues the DIY gun ‘story’…


…..but fails to point up the 17-year gap between purchase and alleged use; however, it does manage to slip this bit in with it to suggest that media mendacity is having its hoped-for outcome:


The Mirror’s pro-Brexit editorial goes a step further and splashes with


….gushing beneath the header that ‘ComRes analysts were amazed when the results coming in after 2pm began to show a marked change of heart from Brexit to Remain’. It’d be a very good story were it not for the fact that it’s completely untrue. This table shows what really happened over the week:


Yup, Remain down two points, Leave up three.

Looking through Twitter last night, it has been fascinating to watch all those bourgeois ‘progressive’ Mail-haters now gleefully reposting everything that confirms their idée fixe about “whipping up hate” in the very same paper….you know, the one that was written by ‘scum’ only two weeks ago. It still is written by lazy bigots of course: but now  they’re the Left’s lazy bigots, everything is just dandy.

It’s a hate landslide, people. And hate is uniting Left and Right. How profoundly depressing that is.