REFERENDUM COUNTDOWN: How marginalising the Centre created a majority for Brexit



mesnipThe Remaindeers would have us believe that the referendum due to take place 48 hours from now is a simple In/Out decision in relation to the EU. It isn’t: ClubMed politicians, NATO strategists, central bankers and the unelected Hobgoblins issuing their diktats variously from the EC, eurogroupe and ECB….all the control freaks in all the sizes and all the colours will either be smug by Friday lunchtime, or the owners of disjointed noses. We will be voting against the fancy of ideologies, in favour of the facts of Life. It will either mark the beginning of liberal democracy’s fightback, or the end of the Citizen’s rights.

Trying to appear reasonable and balanced – while talking or writing completely unsupported ideological tosh – is a skill at which both Left and Right ideologists have excelled during this referendum. It isn’t long, of course, before their “activists” (aka zealots) give the game away by revealing exactly what kind of bilious, process-compulsive rentagobs are attracted to the Catechism of conformity they put forward as either The Natural Order of Things (Conservatives) or Progressive Thought (Labour).

I have a close chum and source of information (although mainly laughter) staying with me at present, and he has a healthy attachment to the phrase ‘Low emotional intelligence’. His point is that the systemic parrots of Left and Right – or indeed any controversial subject – have no idea how to engage and attract: they know only how to transmit, insist, and demand….and if that doesn’t work, they resort to personal abuse, threats, and all the other things that mafiosa and religious priests have fallen back on since Mayan times and – via the Spanish Inquisition and Witchfinders General through to Nuremburg Laws and Jihadist Islamism – well into the present day.

Their last resort is torture, and I’m bound to observe that reading some of the undigested projectile vomit put out by Cameron, Osborne, Benn, Harman, Corbyn, Johnson, Obama, Juncker, Duncan-Smith  and various business pundits as ‘statistically verified fact’ has represented at times an excruciation more painful to the objective empiricist than anything The Rack could offer.

But torture is where such quasi-religious ideology ends. In the US most lately it was waterboarding, under Mao and Stalin it was sleep deprivation and testicular electric shocks respectively, and in the Third Reich they took it to the ultimate end: exterminating all the ‘vermin’ or ‘bacilli’ who retained an opposing view of Man’s destiny.

Thus, a favourite Left word is ‘scum’, while the term favoured by many Essex Toryboys is ‘numptie’.

These are merely contemporary words for ‘infidel’, ‘savage’, and Üntermenschen.

Yesterday afternoon, a cosmopolitan Athenian pointed me at one particular blogpost. It was a classic example of belief posing as certainty, of ‘we know best’ posing as ‘Isn’t it sad?’…but above all, of bigotry posing as balance.

You can find it here. And decide for yourselves whether my deconstruction of it is fair or not.

The blogsite’s author Matt Carr opens his cv by recording that ‘As a journalist, I’ve written for various print publications including The Observer, The Guardian, The New York Times…’.

Say no more: the quintessential Troika of Tribal Tosh worn as a badge of honour.

Matt began yesterday’s output with yet another Remain blogpost trying to pin the blame for Jo Cox’s slaughter on Brexit in general and UKIP in particular. The clue to his rigid Weltanschauung was in the title ‘Murder in Farageland’.

Here comes the “I’m jolly fair really” intro:

‘The brutal murder of Jo Cox has added a seemingly random note of tragedy and horror to this appalling, dispiriting and utterly venal Referendum campaign. And the brave and dignified words of Cox’s husband and sister have only shown us how low we have allowed ourselves to sink during this wretched process.’

Well said that man. And now for the bias:

‘Anti-intellectualism; complete disregard for evidence; hyperbolic denunciations of the EU coupled with an almost nihilistic indifference to the consequences of leaving; lies, prejudice; whining ‘ We want our country back narratives’ of national victimhood; the most rancid xenophobia, fear and racism – all these tendencies that were once considered un-British have become part of the poisonous and bitter debate that our feckless politicians have foisted upon us.’

Hmm. Let’s start with ‘complete disregard for evidence’ and then apply this to ‘hyperbolic denunciations of the EU’.

Which of these empirical observations about the EU, I wonder, represent hyperbole and/or disregard for evidence:

  • The EC, the eurogroupe, the EU and EC Presidents, and the negotiation committee for TTIP are completely unelected
  • Not one of the 28 EU member States or their senior political Executives or the European Parliaments will be consulted or asked to vote upon any of the TTIP proposals
  • The eurogroupe has inflicted upon the ClubMed States an austerity policy that would be rejected by the British Left as ignorant nonsense were it to be applied in the UK
  • Greece has been subjected to higher and higher levels of ‘bailout’ debt as a means to solve its already unrepayable debt problems. Meanwhile, Europarliament MEPs with huge conflicts of interest are personally involved in rewards for selling off Greek assets
  • The ECB has used its fiscal power with bondholders (twice) and Cyprus and Greece (once each) to deliberately subordinate creditors and pauperise functioning member States respectively
  • Mario Draghi two years ago delivered a lecture to member State Finmins on the importance of repressing the wages of EU workers
  • Brussels has a long and persistent track record of ignoring democratic referendums about policy

But Matt blunders on to “an almost nihilistic indifference about the consequences of leaving” among the Brexiteers. This enables him to ignore the bleedin’ obvious consequences of staying:

  • A flatlining eurozone utilising an inflexible currency unable to cope with the Nord/Sud European cultural mismatch
  • A burgeoning problem of migrants from beyond the EU that has thus far been handled with astonishing incompetence by both Brussels and Berlin
  • The still hopelessly indebted banking system of a Spain collapsing under political stasis and regional nationalism
  • The cloud of corruption and massive debt hanging over Italy
  • The unwillingness of the French syndicats and Right to move any further towards fiscal discipline and federal control of it from Brussels.

And finally, this outstanding piece of ex-cathedra assertion:

‘So the killing of Jo Cox was an act of political murder, and responsibility for it – as far as we know – belongs entirely to Mair, but that doesn’t mean that his crime took place in a vacuum.   It took place during the extraordinarily febrile atmosphere of the referendum, when the nation is positively seething with fear and hatred towards the EU, towards foreigners, and towards refugees.’

Positively seething  with fear and hatred towards the EU, towards foreigners, and towards refugees‘.

Fear and hatred? Foreigners? Refugees who might be jihadists? Seething? This is agitprop nonsense unrecognisable to the overwwhelming majority of Brits….as is ‘narratives of national victimhood; the most rancid xenophobia, fear and racism….’

‘Rancid xenophobia’ aka justified fear of Islamic intolerance. ‘National victimhood’ aka fed up of paying £120bn per annum for the privilege of having a trade deficit. ‘Fear and racism’ aka rejection of childish scare stories and the ‘need’ for more immigration, when we are already the most overcrowded of the Top 4 EU economies.

The rest of it – if you can bear to continue – is a stream of paranoid conclusion-jumping and mind-reading designed to depict the British as a nation of Nazis:

‘We have allowed the likes of Farage to turn us into a morally shrunken nation from which the kind of courage and decency that Jo Cox demonstrated in her short career is becoming increasingly absent from our public life.’

I’m sorry, but Ms Cox expressed opinions that were standard mainstream Left-leaning dislike of all things Israeli coupled with adoring and undiscerning admiration for all things Palestinian and EU federalist. The last thing she deserves to be is dead as a result of holding those views. But courageous? That’s another consideration entirely.

The thing lacking among all British Left and Right commentators is the ability to critique their own tribe and its beliefs. There exists little or no questioning of neoliberal claptrap within the Conservative Party, and as little deconstruction of dialectical socialist Utopianism in the Labour Party.

Yet both are hopelessly out of step with their electorates: Tory MPs are 3-1 in favour of Remain, but the Party grassroots are 4-1 against; Labour MPs are 4-1 in favour of the EU, but their voters are leaking away to UKIP in vast numbers.

All of this is dreadfully unhealthy in a democracy. The method of dealing with the yawning mismatch, however, is to marginalise the majority. The Conservatives call naysayers Non Violent Extremists – an Orwellian term if ever there was one. Labour calls its lost generation (variously) fascists, racists and bigots.

Only the FPTP electoral system preserves their power….that and the donors who demand their loyalty to globalist superstate concepts. But those Labour radicals so insistent on forced equality are strangely silent when it comes to proportional representation.

Above all, none of them question the straight-line banal future of Big Power blocs so easily perceived and embraced by their leaderships. All of them turn a blind eye to bullying, serial illegality, and the inner contradictions of one currency for 17 entirely different users of it. Very few of them have bothered to venture beyond pernicious American and German invention on the subjects of austerity in general, and Greek dismemberment in particular.

I do not recognise Mattcarrland, or indeed its history. The vast majority of Brits have no idea what sanctimonious MetroLabour victims are on about: what they do know is that David Cameron and his Black Knights lied before the 2010 Election, lied about getting reform from the EU, and are now lying about the ‘consequences’ of Brexit. Equally important, they also know that the Upper class spivs and Highgate socialists are trying to persuade them of exactly the same thing: that a SuperState run by corrupt drunks, Goldman Sachs bankers, muddled politicians and idealistic fantasists is precisely what Britain needs.

This is the real dilemma the British Left refuses to face. Labour lost in 2015 not because of Tory electoral fraud (although that must be punished) but because first, they spat in the faces of everyone who tried to engage with them to create a united front against carpetbaggers; and because second, they peddled a warped ideology of little or no relevance to those now genuinely struggling to survive under the monetarist madness of Camerlot.

The Labour and Conservative élites have – in different ways but thanks to the same contempt for ordinary electors – set out to force their knackered ideological ‘solutions’ into a small box called Reality. To do this, it was inevitable that they would marginalise the Centre. Those in that central mainstream of open minds, disenfranchised utilitarianism, pauperised pensioners, swindled investors, overworked child-rearers and harrassed taxpayers have decided over the last three weeks, “Enough is enough”.

If the Tories must see us all as NVEs – and Labour dismiss us as whining Little Englanders – so be it: but with every such falsehood, more and more people are preparing to Vote Leave, with increasing levels of determination. Yes, we want our country back; we’d also like our honest representatives back, all the money removed from politics, and the Citizens returned to their sovereignty.

And we are not the only ones. A vote to secede from the EU in two days time will boost the Freedom Contagion that is already gathering steam. Europeans in Holland, Spain, Italy, France and Greece already have powerful secessionist movements. The fat controllers with their megalomanic dreams of Empire are on the retreat, and NATO strategists  are eyeing this outburst of electoral truculence with narowed, hate-filled eyes.

I fear that a tectonically destabilising earthquake is almost upon us. But the fault line is moving not because sensible people want to move as far away from it as possible; it is moving because the Establishment Parties of the West have ignored its rumblings for the best part of forty years.

A broader perspective than the ideologically blinkered donkeys can manage is required in order to see the connections involved. Hungarian rejection of global colonialism, British rejection of a federal Europe, Sanders’ rejection of viciously financialised capitalism, the radicalism of British ‘Waspi’ pensioners, the violent resistance to US energy policies and growing distrust of NATO, the break-up of the United Kingdom, Spanish regional aspirations, the rise of Donald Trump….all of these are connected.

They all reflect that those ignored by élites have had enough of it. A sizeable movement is taking shape in the West: a group of largely law-abiding realists who refuse any longer to look up to those who look down on them. They will not be marginalised. And they will make that clear when Britain goes to the polls the day after tomorrow.

I do not doubt for a second that neither fanciful Labour superiority freaks nor Camerlot feudalists will be prepared to accept our decision. Well, that will be their funeral.

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