Criminal Waste & Evasion in the tax system: that’s the way the money goes


mesnipWhen governments have no respect for your tax monies and follow their own agendas, 3.2 million law-abiding British women, over a ten year period, wind up living life within the limited spectrum from deprivation to destitution. The Government’s excuse? “There’s no money left”.

Let’s examine why there’s “no money left”. This is a shot of the correspondence sent to me by the UK tax authorities in the last three weeks:


The letters came from Glasgow, Newcastle and Whitehall. They all contradicted each other. The paper trail started with a final penalty demand for £500, and ended with a refund to me of £568. I haven’t lived in the UK since 2012. Every year the same thing happens, and every year they apologise. It’s a shambles, and it’s targeting the wrong people.

While this is going on, multinational companies in Britain pay an average corporate tax rate of 3%….for the citizen, it’s nearly 20%. The loss to the UK is phenomenal.

At the weekend, it was revealed that HS2 civil servants have shelled out £158Million on construction consultancy fees….before an inch of track has been laid for a rail link nobody seems to want.

Every single shift for NHS staff in every single trust costs the taxpayer £2079 in agency fees, because the Government is not training enough nurses of its own.

Last year, corporate tax fraud alone cost the UK £16billion….and this is just the tip of a monster iceberg called avoidance, evasion and offshore Ponzi-movement of profits.

There is no money for 1950s born State pensioners in Britain because the Government makes a horlicks of collecting it, and wastes £2 in 5 of what it collects.

Why does this happen?

  1. Because political parties get money from donors and lobbyists, and these are overwhelmingly engaged in banking and big business.
  2. Because a 16th century voting system keeps on electing a duopoly that keeps the system alive: it keeps them alive, so they must.
  3. Because globalist neoliberal business has no respect for Sovereign social needs, be they in Greece, Bangladesh or Britain.
  4. Because Whiteminster is far too distant from and out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.

Why is it not being opposed and stopped?

  1. Because the Labour Party is obsessed with minority pc issues, and busy squabbling within itself about a problem it still cannot see.
  2. Because discredited ideologies demand Party loyalty and rebuff attempts at a broader Front for the Citizen.
  3. Because our rights to demonstrate and apply pressure for change are gradually being eroded.

Nothing will change until radical reform changes the way we vote, complain, exercise Citizen power and move closer together rather than further apart.

impstingWaspis, for example, must stop asking for their State pensions back, and start demanding and suing until they get them back. To do otherwise is to accept that Government greed and incompetence are the fault of SPA reform victims. Only Stephen Crabb thinks that….and look where it got him. Hahahahahahahahahah.

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