Seven lies on Sunday: why the “you should’ve known” defence against 1950s-born female retirees is a malignant myth


George Osborne, Tory Party Conference, 2009

mesnipThere is nothing governments would like better than a failsafe electronic system of airbrushing away promises made in order to obtain the unaccountable power they crave. Both the US Hillarite Democrats and the UK’s Camerlot Conservatives have already been caught out trying to do just that. Luckily, we still have the records to prove their stated intentions utterly counterfeit. The Slog nails once and for all the idea that the UK Establishment told 1950s-born women the truth about their State pension expectations. A major hat-tip goes to tweeter Pastirka for drawing my attention to much of the evidence.

What you see in Bold Blue above are the precise words spoken by an ambitious draper’s son in 2009. Nothing has been taken out of context: in fact, for the sake of headline brevity I have removed an additional point of clarity, in that the five words following this promise were “in the Parliament after next” – ie, after the 2015 election.

Go to the BBC archives and see for yourselves.

So: you are 58 in 2009. The Conservatives go into a coalition with a Party purporting to be the Liberal Democrats. The last thing you expect to be told is that your State pension due in 2011 will now not be there, as such.

But that is what happened. Stephen Crabbe was questioned on this issue, and gave an obfuscatory response to a Commons Committee.

He lied. George Osborne lied.

During a Speech given to Age Concern not long afterwards, David Cameron also said these words – unchanged by me, and 100% contextually empirical:


But that is what is happening now. Cheated 1950s born women are being run uphill and down dale to various sessions with heartless bureaucrats (themselves the lucky recipients of unfunded pensions, No Waiting Required) demanding to know each Waspi’s* circumstances….and whether they should receive this or that benefit. The Waspis run uphill and down dale because in many cases they cannot afford the bus fare.

David Cameron promised old people dignity, and a better income for those old people. He lied on both counts.

But let’s take a closer forensic look at that original 2009 speech by Osborne.  Here’s another extract, undoctored by propaganda:

No-one who’s a pensioner today, or approaching retirement soon, will be affected

What do you call “soon” if you’re 58 years old – “within the next two years”? Of course you do.

Osborne lied about that too. He said the women’s State pension age would rise to 65 by 2020. Here we are in 2016…and it’s already 66.

Why did that have to happen? Here’s the smoking gun….

George Osborne told the 2009 Conference delegates, “Britain is sinking in a sea of debt after twelve years of feckless irresponsibility by Labour”.

Osborne lied about that too. Treasury statistics flatly contradict the “twelve years” fiction: up until 2004, Brown’s fiscal economics had been more sound than those of the previous Conservative administration.

Of course – after 2008 – Government expenditure exploded. Why? Because Darling spent £800 billion bailing out Osborne’s hare-brained mates in the City. And because, somehow – in a case history of calumny that has never been properly examined – unfunded Civil Service pension commitments doubled.

That little lot will cost the British taxpayer around £1.7 trillion by the time we’re finished.

1.7 trillion Pounds is 1,700 billion Pounds.

To entirely meet the reinstitution of rights required by most Waspi women would cost thirty billion Pounds. What it comes down to is this:

This Government proposes to let bankers and Whitehall off 98.3% of the debt they caused, but not to help deserving wives, mothers or the Old Alone whose sole demand for justice comes to a tiny 1.7% of the debt they didn’t cause.

Meanwhile – after six years of George Osterity – the British sea of debt is 50% deeper than it was before he got started.

Yes dear reader, that is the Level Playing Field in Cruel Britannia today.

Wouldn’t it be good if the ghastly nature of the ethically bereft cruelty ended there? It would indeed. But it doesn’t.

The BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson got the Conservative leadership at the time to confirm that the earliest date at which all women would have to work until the age of 66 before receiving their state pension was 2022.

Cameron told the BBC on the record it was “out of the question” that women would suddenly see their state pension age rise from 63 to 66 in 2016.

All these lies – so many, I’m trying to think of a new collective noun – were treated by Bible-thumping Christian and marital philandering wannabe sex-machine Steven Crabbe as “the complaints of women who breeze through life without thought for the consequences”. I wonder what that makes him….apart from an unemployed Whiteminster sponger.

But those who know me and this blog well understand that I hold no candle for the British political Establishment. Labour or Tory, they all think we work for them….that British citizens are latter-day mediaeval tithe fodder whose sole purpose is to cough up for their incompetent blunders, ego-trips and disgusting scams. A few politicians like Kate Hoey, David Davies, Frank Field, Denis Skinner, Kelvin Hopkins, Anne Milton and Philip Dunne are there to help. The overwhelming majority are there to help themselves.

Consider these instances of waste under all Administrations since 1997:

  • Connecting for Health, a Tony Blair initiative that cost £22bn and was a 100% write-off: it never produced a single benefit for either members or users of the NHS. (I am aware of the ‘official’ figure of £12.5bn; but I was given sight of the original Treasury audit in 2011, so I know the truth)
  • The Second Iraq War, the cost of which was £29bn
  • The Afghanistan War – total cost £34bn
  • David Cameron’s HS2 project, current estimated cost £42.6bn – audited independently to be an estimated ten times that of French TGV projects of similar size, but a scheme none of the alleged beneficiaries wants.

As we all know only too well, these are just the tips of an iceberg field that has brought Titanica Britannicus to ruination over the last thirty years.

It has also brought a growing army (estimated now at 425,000 – but destined to grow to 3.2 million women State pension retirees over time) to a point where they are staring destitution in the face.

Too many of us today are obessed with War Crime tribunals. This case history represents a Peacetime Civil Rights Crime unparalleled anywhere in the developed world.

I have been banging on about this now for over a year. The mainstream media display sporadic interest but no real campaigning zeal to put right the injustice.

Starting tomorrow at The Slog – if nothing else, to set an example to those “journalists” busy yelling into celebrity letter-boxes – is a series that will reveal exclusive details of just how bad the situation is for these women, and how determined they still are to get the restitution they so richly deserve.

These are revelations that have never been exposed before.

As a collection, I hope and believe they will be seen for what they are: an Indian Ink black stain of national disgrace spilt directly and knowingly upon British history by the Whiteminster and banking Establishments.

Do not miss it.

*Waspi = Women Against State Pension Injustice

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