GLOBAL ECONOMICS: is this the most incompetent conspiracy in history?


mesnip30716I got a bit of stick yesterday from Conspiracy HQ for suggesting that there is no carefully laid plan for  a New World Order – merely a small group of hare-brained greediguts in pursdollaruit of a fast buck along with all the other hares laughing at the tortoises.

So I thought I’d record this, based on looking at today’s self-styled economic ‘news’:

  • According to Abenomics, the Japanese Yen should now be around 1.27 to the US Dollar. It’s at 1.02.
  • The EU is a fan of austerity + Zirp as gold-medal winning solution. This has now been rejected as a policy by 11 EU States, the latest of which is Italy….the 4th biggest EU economy about to tumble into the banking crisis of all time.
  • The Chinese have, in turn, used QE, legal bans on selling shares, artificially supported Forex levels and direct purchasing of sub-prime shares to revive their economy. None of it has worked.
  • The US Fed has, over the last five weeks, in turn leaked/opined that a September rates hike is on, off, on, off and now on again.

If this is a conspiracy, then it’s a surreal libertarian anarchist conspiracy: the overall impression is of various élites with but one thing in common….they don’t have a clue what TF to do.

But some conspiracies are real. A day in the life of a Bloomberg TV anchor:

“The bonds problem is down to Brexit the oil price is down to Brexit the Yen crisis is down to Brexit the Fed has been blown off course by Brexit, the situation in Italy has been exacerbated by Brexit, Olympic athletes are falling ill because of Brexit we should shoot every self-serving naive shithead who voted for Brexit”.

Hell hath no fury like a Bloomberg management scorned by British democracy.

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