It’s all bollocks and that’s official

Mesnip29616 It’s been one of those days when the bare faces hanging out have turned out to be peddling barely-disguised faeces. Theresa MayorMaynot lives up to her name, a motley crew of odd crones peck away risibly at Waspi claims, and the Trump Slump turns out to be a big fat fib.

Much as the globalist media moguls would like you to think otherwise – and they are at most 15 people who “matter” among a global population of 7.4 billion – things are not going that smoothly for the micro-Establishments at the moment. Not surprisingly, therefore, they are fighting back in the only way they know how: with serial kicks to the groin.


Those who voted to leave the EU in search of a future for Britain as an independent trading nation have been rewarded with the new Remain-dominated Cabinet led by a Mayfly who blows this way and that in the wind of geopolitical farting. Last week she dismissed the idea of a Commons vote on the Referendum result; today, she has promised MPs they will Have Their Say on the terms of Brexit and the decision to activate Article 50.

Will their say/Have any sway/consult the wind’s way/on the day/and watch Ms May/thus make her play.

But meanwhile, as the EU’s TTIP trade deal lies dying on the battlefield, the Foreign Office announces that the UK is involved in a record number of trade proposals from outside the EU….as the EU share of our exports continues to shrink.


The anti-Waspi troll brigade are clearly getting desperate now former Ministers are emerging from the closet to say what a total SNAFU the entire State Pension reform ‘process’ has been.

Top of the heap today was “respected financial journalist” and wannabe Operetta diva Frances Coppola, who informed twitter fans (those few left unblocked) that Waspi’s unwillingness to accept means testing was proof that they want special treatment.

So then, Waspis should be means tested to see if they deserve their own money back in NI contributions the government took from them in return for the promise that they’d get a pension at 60….riiiight.

Is there a doctor in the house?


The mainstream US media want you to know that Hillary Clinton in now “80% sure she’s going to win”.

They also want you to ignore Nigel Farage’s effect at the recent Trump rally. He’s just some no-account Limey a desperate Trump wheeled out.

These are the facts:

A Tweetgraph measuring the popularity of the two presidential nominees showed that Trump was mentioned 359,659 times on Twitter during and in the days after the rally. Clinton was mentioned only 79,789 times on Twitter during the same period.

This was the biggest reaction on Twitter for the Republican since his presidential campaign began.

A daily poll from the LA Times revealed yesterday (Monday) that the pair are now tied on 44% each in the race for the White House.