Twattering Classes Special: Jo Cox & the Brexit result

mesnip18716 REVEALED: THE HARD STATISTICS OF JO COX’S MURDER Do we know enough about why the young MP was slaughtered?

The US had Confederate anti-Yankee vigilantes for years after the end of the Civil War. In the end, of course, one of their number assassinated Abe Lincoln. The Japanese too had their diehards, soldiers who came out of the Jungle in 1956 still loyal to Hirohito, and unaware of Hiroshima.

In Britain, we have the Remaindeers. But mainly, we hear from the Labour Remoaners. However, for the first time last Thursday I saw some interesting data surrounding the event that marred the Brexit campaign.

This first tweet is classic both in assertion and reaction:


The Mirror is the Labour Remoaner Inhouse magazine, and obviously still keen to link Cox’s murder to everyone from Boris Johnson to Nigel Farage. What they’re not and never will be keen to do is point out the effect her killing had:


Paul Davison’s chart shows how, from mid-May, the Brexiteers pulled well ahead Remain. Without the death of Jo Cox, Remain would’ve been humiliated 56-44%.

Jo Cox’s death enabled the Remoaners to keep alive their mythical bollocks about the election being so close, it is “unfinished business”.

It’s all gone very quite indeed about what happens next to her alleged killer. I think some solid investigation might be in order here.

But the EU doesn’t do investigation: nobody has investigated its accounts now for nearly two decades. We don’t know what’s in there any more than we know what’s in Fort Knox.

But none of that, of course, stops Juncker the Drunker and Shultz the Sheister from mouthing off. Juncker’s Luxembourg is more crooked than Cyprus could ever be, and Shulz is one of many carpetbaggers doing well out of Greek privatisations. This tweet (and again, the reaction to it) points up how the myth peddlers are equally at it across the Channel:


No indeed, the EU cannot see itself as others see it….and nor can the Labour Party. Fresh from a Spring of infantile venom chucked at those who want the end of the regressive cesspit in Brussels, Labour is now getting its retaliations in first:


For most activists on the Left, actually, they could just abbreviate the political approach to “f**k right off”. And the rate at which they’re now spitting bile at each other suggests a less than rosey future for This Great Movement of Ours.

By the way, did you know that Jo’s own constituency – even after her killing – voted 65/35% in favour of Brexit? So she too wasn’t any more in touch with her constituents than he killer was, perhaps: always assuming we ever get to the bottom of what his motives were.

And finally, Piers Morgan – the man born purely so he could earn the anagram Romping Arse – was on the ball early this morning, regretting the demise of a fine golfer, Arney Palmer:


Palmer was an awesome player and a genuine role model, which is why I’d rather have learned about his death from anyone but Piers Morgan. If Jo Cox was the only reason Remain came even close during the referendum, then Paul McCartney’s silence is allegedly crucial to Morgan remaining a free man. But also, note Morgan’s sick-making avatar showing him shaking hands with the Dalai Lama.

The last time I looked, Piers was working at The Mail alongside that other paragon of journalism Katie Nutbag. How the Mighty are fallen….upon their feet.

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