The Twattering Classes

mesnip30716 What Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe did on his holidays, getting that feline gender both right and 100% inoffensive, and an everyday story of Troika blackmail in Greece. Sadly, Imelda Maycos’s shoes do not as yet have a dedicated Twitter account, but it is only a matter of time.

If ever there was a hostage to fortune, this bit of Met Twatter must surely take the gold. Not that I’m suggesting of course that any Met Officer ever, you know, took a, er, you know, nothing could be further from my oh do get on with it.

The little weapon of mass distraction below occurred on exactly the same day that Sir Bernard HogThoseHeadlines decided to leave work and prune the roses a full year before Mrs H-H was expecting that intrusion into her daily life.

The main change since 1829, as far as I can discern, is that whereas police officers stepped onto the London stage then in order to serve Londoners, these days they tend to serve innocent Londoners up as vile paedophiles, and serve only the interests of Westminster.


But these early Peelers were still doing their job last week, for hardly anyone apart from this correspondent asked why Sir Bernard Holdit-Hard was retiring almost a full year early.

No mention was made among the Yellow Press of any connection between Sir Bernie, those formerly among the highest in the land, and all kinds of things likely to break in relation to police investigations (or lack of them) in West London. Nor indeed did The Slog note any speculation about horizontal sporting activities.

This next cracker requires a flourishing hat-tip to Mark Sparrow and his eagle eye for twattery:


Opinions are evenly divided here in Sloggers’ Roost as to whether the writer is ‘avin’ a larf or wot. Mine is fimly in the AALOW camp: the nearest to the author’s name is @fuckingsassy, and she has but one follower – a cat. But others here – including six Coypus, 2 doves, two squirrels and 33,000 wasps – say I’m wrong.

Either way, I do not for a second doubt that several hundred LGBT fanatics nodded sagely on seeing it, happy that their gospel is spreading.

This one below from today is rather less of a laughing matter. The disgracefully corrupt carpetbagging of Greece by Brussels MEPs and their Corporacratic minders continues apace: but this latest tweet from EU Observer offers a wonderfully insouciant and yet entirely accurate account of the obscene Sovereign barter now taking place in this unhappy country:


Doncha love it? “We give you another €2.8bn of debt you can’t repay, in return for which you allow further privatisations so my cronies can get even richer”.

The level of coverage given to this rape via blackmail in the US and West European press is nothing short of pathetic. And the British Left’s determination to ignore it in pursuit of its EU “dream” borders on sociopathic.

What an unnatural, inverted, self-deluding and downright shit-ridden culture we inhabit.