Slog double-prediction right on the nose

methink2This afternoon US Eastern Daylight Time, the American people are reading paper, TV and internet news sources that have deliberately censored one of the biggest stories of the new century thus far: that the country is on the verge of electing a suspected serial grand-scale corruption candidate to the Oval Office. It represents denialism on a greater scale than conservative blinkers about Richard Nixon in 1972.

Two days ago, The Slog made this observation about the Clinton corruption of the US Justice Department, and its duel with the FBI on the subject of the Weiner emails:


The FBI this morning leaked its intention to indict the Clinton Foundation. The indictment, if it happens, will be partly based on Weiner email evidence. The intention was leaked to Fox News, a Murdoch-owned entity. The Wall St Journal also covered the story. Murdoch also owns the Wall Street Journal.

Fox’s Bret Baier reported five important new pieces of information from two FBI sources:

1. The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year.

2. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed, and agents are currently combing through them. The investigation has interviewed several people twice, and plans to interview some for a third time.

3. Agents have found emails believed to have originated on Hillary Clinton’s secret server on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature.

4. Sources within the FBI have told him that an indictment is “likely” in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, “barring some obstruction in some way” from the Justice Department.

5. FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton’s server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information had been taken from it.

Yet incredibly, the reaction of the US Establishment media has been to ignore the development.

The New York Times led with ‘Hillary Clinton Holds Narrow Lead in New Times/CBS Poll’. But the LATimes gives Trump a 5-point lead

Time goes ‘Hillary Clinton the only choice to keep America Great’

The Boston Globe has ‘Trump has a lot to surmount for Brexit-like upset’

The Chicago Tribune doesn’t even mention it.

The Washington Post blanks it, although this front page ad amused me:


And Bloomberg has a lengthy oped about ‘the real election hack fear’ without once mentioning the five enemy hacks of Clinton’s laptop described above.

By contrast, online and/or alternative media like Zero Hedge, The Slate, pjmedia and even Yahoo cover the story extensively.

However, only Tim Graham at MRC newsbusters nailed what every American voter should be asking:



For nearly a fortnight now, The Slog has been asking in almost every US election posting, “Why has Murdoch swapped horses”? This too seems to be beyond the ken or interest of the American old media.

I shudder to think what Turdoch’s motives are. Equally, I am afraid to ponder what Roop knows about the Hillarybillies that we don’t.

My usual signoff to stories like this is ‘stay tuned’. This time I would add, ‘but not to liberal Establishment media’.

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