The Twattering Classes – Trump Doom Special


mesmile While I recognise full well that the Soviet Union’s first resort was to declare all those who didn’t buy into Marxism insane, had they declared every hard-line  feminist and radical chic bourgeois constipated liberal activist bonkers, I think it highly likely I’d have voted Stalin every time. But many things have changed since the good old days when none of those people existed (especially not in the USSR, where it was fatal) and there were just the FootonGroundTroops and the HeadinCloudsDupes.

Not wanting either to join the FOGT Nazis or the HICD Communists, outside of Germany and Russia most people just wanted a fair crack of the whip and an end to unearned privilege. And that sort of explains why, after the Second World War, FDR and UK Labour ideas of dignity, education and an economy of mixed motives held sway from Los Angeles to Larissa. An era – I might add, although it will upset ideologists across the board – that ushered in the greatest leap in gdp growth, productivity and social mobility since the contrarian Alpha male Ugdillac discovered the wheel in Mesopotamia during 3048 BC.

What marks out the hard-line  feminist and radical chic bourgeois constipated liberal activist is an inability to accept that their vote is equal to everyone else’s. And thus have they, since Autumn 2015, opposed every democratically elective decision from Jeremy Corbyn via Brexit to President Trump.

A lot of this comes from the élitist Left’s inability to manage delusional expectations….a condition perfectly illustrated by this retweet of perhaps the world’s most hypocritical online publication, Huffington Post:


Just think, this level of accuracy earned the former Arianna Huffington $38m. Which just goes to show how little the correlation is between extreme wealth and cognitive ability.

Of course, the same observation could be applied to billionaire Donald Trump….except that, not having an ideology, Trump decided instead to be shrewd: he’d appeal to the Forgotten Poor of America, rail against the rigged banking system – and hitch his wagon to a Republican Party that cried rape so loudly, The Donald retained his air of a lone Independent.

But “No!” screams the Guardian – it wasn’t like that at all; it woz the misogony wot won it:


Fearless reporting these days consists of taking one MCU shot from a Trump rally, a baseless claim, and a graceless “concession” speech, mixing it all up and asserting that angry white men must not be further indulged.

These days I feel not so much indulged as expunged, although that could be just me. But such self-pity aside, not only is there no evidence whatsoever that misogyny played any part at all in this election, the stats show that for the vast majority of voters, it was completely irrelevant. “White voters of both sexes and almost all ages and education levels backed the Republican,” said, um, The Guardian in another piece.

Not a single pundit from either Left or Right made Hillary Clinton’s gender an election issue. But the US version of the Guardian (being even madder) featured this tweet from columnist Jessica Valenti:


It turns out that Valenti’s daughter is six years old. On Jessica’s Twitter page she is wearing a teeshirt that says ‘The future is female’, suggesting that she has cracked the problem of self-insemination in which absolutely no men – sexual or scientific – need be involved from here onwards. But for any clean-cut liberal these are mere details. So as God is often said to be in the detail, I’m inclined to ask this woman

  • Is this a question your daughter is likely to ask?
  • If she does, why not treat it as a Santa Claus thing and tell her the naked truth, “No honey, they avoided electing the corrupt wife of a crooked sex maniac”?
  • Why not reply with, “Greer sweetie, you’re being weird again, go play with your Vasectomy jigsaw”?

So fearless is the Guardian’s output these days, the last thing it fears is accusations of formulaic recycling of Brexit bollocks. This time it isn’t British Jews emigrating to Germany, it’s American hand-wringers desperate for more access to sheep-shagging:


As usual of course, there are no raw stats to show that one Yank ‘enquired’ on Monday, whereas fully 24 did so on Wednesday. But hey – this is the Leaver Landslide the wicked Forces of Darkness deliberately ignored.

I truly do not know why – with 95% of the media and 100% of HITC fluffies excoriating Trump’s every word – the liberal Twatterati bother. Here’s one from a woman whose judgement is usually faultless, but four years in the US have clearly ensured that she too has gone a tad doolally:


Oh dear Gillian, I’m afraid the only thought this one provokes is whatTF are you on? Over the last six months, Jeremy Corbyn has received in the UK vastly more media coverage than Theresa May. But he is to the British MSM what Trump is to the American equivalent: someone to bash heartily at every opportunity.

Media coverage is a qualitative thing: Trump won in spite of it, not because of it.

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