methink1 By yesterday evening, the Deloitte email story was being dismissed as a hoax. From around 7 pm onwards, tweets began appearing saying how “seasoned journalists were all taken in hahahaha”. But not one of the tweeters responded when asked, who says it’s a hoax?

By this morning on Twitter, I note that the story has now become “Remoaner elements in Deloittes trying to discredit the Brexit team”. The Brexit team doesn’t need any discrediting: it’s doing a marvelous job by itself.

I am sorry to sound like a dog with a bone on this issue, but eyes need to open and grasp what’s going on here….and I don’t just mean in this specific case. Examination of this sort of Truth inversion is vital if we are to control some of Theresa May’s more anti-social instincts.

From the off, the Government line was “we don’t know anything about this, and it’s only in the Times”. But it wasn’t: it was at the Telegraph and the Financial Times….and here. This is what the FT had to say (my emphases):

‘The memo, dated November 7, said that “divisions within the cabinet” were bedevilling Brexit preparations and that officials in different departments were being asked to work on 500 separate related projects….Downing Street said the memo was written by a consultant from the professional services firm on their own initiative. “It does seem this is a firm touting for business, aided by the media,” a spokeswoman said. The author had not “been in Number 10 or engaged with officials in Number 10 since the prime minister took office”.….

Later on Tuesday, Deloitte issued an apology. “This was a note intended primarily for internal audiences. It was not commissioned by the Cabinet Office, nor any other government department, and represents a view of the task facing Whitehall. This work was conducted without access to No. 10 or input from any other government departments,” it said.

The document, headed “Brexit Update”, claims to illuminate a Whitehall process where officials toil on multiple workstreams with little guidance about what exit will look like.’

So from the word go we have two lies: we don’t know anything about it, and it’s just a Times thing. Now in the FT story updated later we can see “the line” developing after calls between Downing St and Deloitte: ‘whoever did this, he’s not working for us in any official capacity’. I happen to know that this too is a lie. Deloitte has been helping Downing St for several months. But this is how they wriggle out:

had not “been in Number 10 or engaged with officials in Number 10 since the prime minister took office”

Very smart; except Deloitte wasn’t hired by May, but by Cameron et al.

Now look at the email’s heading – Brexit Update. I’m sorry, but if you don’t have a piece of business in a service company, you don’t head internal memos ‘update’. You also don’t write with the detail this person did….allegedly. This is nothing more or less than an account head saying “God these numpties are a f**king nightmare to work with” – exactly my experience of working with Whiteminster from 1976 to 1998.

As always, deciding on Truth and Guilt comes down to close observation of behaviour. I submit:

  1. The Government has behaved in a manner suggesting they have been, at the very least, economical with the truth. It has also used weasel words to cover its back.
  2. Even quite determined use of Google this morning renders little in the way of meat or explanation. That’s the EU data protection act – aka political arse protection act – rearing its ugly head again. This is learning from Theresa’s days at the Home Office, and liaising with the security services.
  3. If one decides to cold-call for some Government business, trust me – you don’t write an email saying the client’s a many-headed hydra with a masturbation habit. Things like that have a habit of being, um, leaked.
  4. Under the Mayflower’s response to this story, there is a black hole here where the motive should be: why was the email leaked?

There can be little doubt that the multinational Digger Murdoch is suspicious of a Cabinet stuffed with Remoaners supposedly reversing us out of Europe à toute vitesse. Putting out the line that the email was a hoax by Remoaners has two glaring holes in it: Murdoch is pro-Leave, and you would have to be an idiot to think that winding up Brexiteers was a good way to further your cause.

But that’s the trouble with Big Sister Doublethink: within 36 hours, a herd of stampeding spin doctors have trampled all over the trail, put up false signs, pointed at false flags, and shredded the map. The Truth has gone…..probably forever.

“Time to move on” will be the next line. And that’s precisely what we should do – forewarned and forearmed for the next time. Below is the picture of a great man and a genuine American hero, sadly no longer with us….


…..and this was his take on “the Government”:

“I follow a very simple rule with the Government: I don’t believe a fucking word they say….not one fucking word”

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