At the End of the Day


Don’t take part in the circus, take power from the Ringmasters

I’m indebted to the blogsite UnderdogsBiteUpwards for attracting this nail-hitter of a thread to its latest post:


Curmudgeonly of The Toad & Underpants he might be, but this has been the experience of almost all of us over 55 since 2008.

You’re happy you can live on investments even if rates fall to 3.5%, and they fall to 0.25%.

So there’s still £30,000+ per annum in the pension funds….but then that becomes £16,000 per annum after QE renders your Bear Notes worthless.

So you take a pot at gold, and it does well but they don’t like that so the gold price gets crushed for three years.

So you start to do some cash business, and the amount you can pay a supplier in cash is slashed by 90%.

So you take the money earning sixpence at the bank, invest it in your house to rent it out, and the holiday rental market collapses thanks to the recession caused by nutjob austerity policies. Then the bank rate falls to 0%.

So you vote Brexit because you despise these people, and you win – and examine all the dire predictions of disaster, decide they’re bollocks, and bet contrarian. And you’re right….but then somehow the losers take over the Government and all of a sudden Brexit won’t happen until the next Millennium so most of your bets slip sideways and down.

So you think aaah, what the Hell, the wife’s pension kicks in next year. And then two Oxymorons turn up and say they’ve overspent so you can’t have it for another six years.

There’s little of any good in all this, except perhaps for one thing: it does mean that – even if standards of living are hugely varied between the bottom 10% and the middle 50% – there is a commonality: we’re all far worse off than we expected to be, and bit by bit we’re all beginning to grasp whose fault it is.

But still they’re there. In power. Laughing at us. And then ignoring us.

Why is this?

It’s fairly simple: I can do it in four quick bullet points.

  • Although we the left-out 60%  have this unifying factor, nobody is promising to fix it and encourage us to vote for them. Rather, they’re engaged in a four-way power squabble with each other….so they don’t get any power at all. And anyway they don’t like anyone above the bottom 25%….even though they’re in the top 10% themselves. So they spit at us. Go figure.
  • Now if the 60% are split in four, and enough of the remaining 40% vote for the Fat Wombat Party, that leaves one segment on the Right that hates the Left. The maths thus go 25% Wombat, 15% UKIP, 20% Miliband, 5% Corbyn, 10% Blair, 25% the Youcanallfuckoffs.
  • The Wombats are consequently elected purely on the basis of sticking together, but they have zero interest in helping the 60%, because that’s not where the money is. So they look after the super-rich 3% who stop Team Wombat from going bust, and then give tax relief to the next 20% of bumboys because they need their votes.
  • Thus banks are beyond inviolate, big business pays a 7% tax rate, civil servants have huge pensions, Might is Right, liberties are curtailed, the Rule of Law is diluted beyond recognition, and any attempt to change this is ruthlessly stifled.

We are all being screwed because the game in play is to stop any reversal of the transfer of monetary power from labour to capital.

This is an over-simplification of course – some of the abstainers are too busy watching Bakeoff or Strictly to give a bugger, and some of the top 40% are genuinely appalled by what’s going down – but there really isn’t a lot wrong with those four points.

However, you could nail them in backwards writing on a placard into the foreheads of Corbyn, Sturgeon, Cooper, and Farron to ensure they read them every morning – and still they would carry on the fantasy that they can win the day alone. Glory will be ours (they yell at startled passers-by hurrying to their zero-hours contract jobs) and then launch into the daily memememememememememeeeeeeeeee.

Meanwhile, a Tory Cabinet is rolling about on a sea of piss inside Number Ten because they truly, deeply and totally cannot believe the enemies they’re up against are behaving like a bunch of wild-eyed, cloth-eared, kack-arsed Scottish clans in the 12th Century.

There must’ve been times – even after she was stabbed in the front by her sheep in 1990 – that the Mad Handbag counted her blessings, and gave thanks to God that she had bestowed upon her Galtieri, Scargill and Foot as opponents. As he writes his memoirs each day at £500 a word, Cameron must surely be snort-sniggering at all the help he was given by Ed Balls, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, Diane Abbot, Harriet Harman and a host of other rings of Saturn tilting at his Jupiter.

It says a lot about the UK Parliamentary Left that, in the 52 years since Harold Wilson made himself infinitely preferable to Booby Alec Hume, they have not toppled a single Prime Minister.

Wilson went on to beat Heath, but Ted wasn’t the PM. Tony Blair toppled Major, but I wouldn’t call Major ‘prime’ and I wouldn’t call Blair Left. The miners weakened Heath, Airey Neave isolated him, and the vegetables toppled Thatcher. Cameron was toppled by the squareheaded concrete brains in Brussels and Berlin….with a large amount of help from Nigel Farage and his astonishing army of gritty supporters.

So well done one-more-heave Labour, you are crap.

Except that’s not entirely fair. It’s not just that Labour is crap…although that’s at least 80% of it, for it says HM Opposition on the tin, but they fail to do it time after time.

No. The real issue here is that nobody wants what Labour has to offer any more.

Big State socialism is dead. Mass workforce trade unionism is dead. Working class Labour loyalty is dead. The United Kingdom is dead.

In that environment, you can’t ‘re-engineer’ Labour: it’d be like the Polish cavalry fighting the Wehrmacht. Or even worse, Blair2.

Forget socialism. Forget the TUC. Forget Scotland. Forget London. Put tiny, gobby and intolerant minorities in the slow oven at Mark ‘Airing Cupboard’. And please, please forget the EU.

Start thinking about town and community and mutuality and what’s most fulfilling for the maximum number of neighbours, residents, voters, and citizens.

Stop voting in your own interests. You’ve no more idea than me what’s in the ‘national interest’, so stop doing that too. Vote community and ignore Whiteminster.

Stop voting Party: it’s a dictatorship thinly disguised as an oligarchy wrapped in a blanket of corporatism.

Three quarters of the population – at least – think neocon economics are a joke. But the Conservatives will disappear up their own austere backsides anyway once the globalist banker plate-spinning starts to go all Greek taverna. The issue here is not political, it’s constitutional and educational.

We need local power, local free schools, apolitical and inspirational teachers, and above all the death of archaic ideology.

We need to go back and develop to go forward. We need useful creativity to be valued way above anal process, and accessible arts to improve the environment, make us think and make us laugh.

And at the End of the Day, we need to have put distant rule by a few bubbles behind us forever.

The only way to start that peaceful revolution is to take away their munneeeee. Don’t ask me for detail, because that way I’ll wind up blocked, taken down and then one day arrested. Also I’ll be seventy in 16 months.

Go away, think about it in groups, organise with open minds and do decisive things that embarrass, isolate, weaken and eventually starve the bubbles.

Don’t take part, take power.

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