Rupert Murdoch is selling cultural anthrax. By doing nothing to stop him, all of us are buying into that.

me261116 Perhaps the answer –  to a yawning, Christmas-distracted British public not paying attention to the UK media being taken over by bankers, Tories and Alzheimer’s sufferers – is shock tactics. I’m not sure why, given that the truth is shocking enough; but when attempting to stamp out cultural anthrax, anything is worth a try….


I’d like to put something entirely factual to everyone across the British political spectrum about televisual media over the last five years:

Since 2012, the BBC has gradually been infiltrated by Murdoch hacks, banking-related senior managers, and friends of senior Conservatives. In the years before that, it was bullied into submission by Blair and Campbell before the Iraq War, and then smeared by senior Tory Alistair McAlpine over the paedophilia controversy – McAlpine keeping secret what he must have known: that his second cousin Jimmie was a notorious child molester….and the suspect the Beeb had been after.

When Murdoch’s papers were revealed to be hacking factories, he and Rebekah Brooks met with London Mayor Boris Johnson. Together, they conspired to spike the Met Police Inquiry into phone hacking. Soon after that – in concert with the Met – a campaign of smearing the BBC via mostly false sexual abuse accusations began in earnest.

As for the original attempt to take over Sky, it is brutally obvious from the email evidence presented to MPs – and the serially evasive answers given at PMQs – that both Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron were deeply implicated in a plot to oil the wheels of that takeover bid.

Now I’d like to address the same rainbow of harrumph-harrumph, and point out the following facts about what a successful takeover of Sky by Murdoch’s Fox News vehicle will mean today:

A BBC and Sky duet in the hands/under the undue influence of biased neocon news coverage will enjoy nearly 40% of the UK televisual market.

Of the remainder, under 20% will be following a vaguely or consistently Leftlib agenda.

There will be no TV stations offering objective news coverage and answerable to a watchdog with teeth.

In the newspaper market, neocon titles will account for 68.8% of all readership, and Leftlibs for 27.9%.

Under 3.3% of all newspapers will offer objective news coverage.

In the last forty-five years, we have swopped the Politics of Envy for the Politics of Greed. I’m bound to say, I find it hard to see this as progress. Going back to biblical times and even earlier, those trying to civilise us argued against coveting the possessions of others, while stating that the love of wealth for its own sake was the source of all Evil.

In 2016 AD, we in Britain approach the celebration of a religion allegedly devoted to harmony and the rejection of all things material. Yet under 2% of media content will be reminding us of this.

We have – in the West anyway – a species crisis. Over 97% of the UK’s information dissemination is designed to promote flawed ideology and keep us divided. The very last thing we need is yet more Murdoch muddying of the ethical waters. And if you think the demented old liar is likely to change his modus operandi, look at this for starters:


This is what Rupert Murdoch does:

  • Smear and murder competition
  • Exploit monopolies
  • Corrupt public officials
  • Lie to regulators
  • Invade the liberty of readers
  • Cheat investors
  • Encourage division
  • Promote the discredited agenda of greed
  • Pervert justice
  • Dilute democracy
  • Discourage individual thought.

If you’re happy to live with that, fine: a Merry Christmas to you all.

If you share these aims, then it isn’t just you, or me.