UK MEDIA: not so much faking news as telling half-truths

methink1 The time has come to stop saying ‘newspapers’ and start calling them ‘bigots-accuse’ papers.

A rail company making £500 million profit – and universally criticised for overcrowding and poor service – finds itself in the midst of a strike. So the Conservative Right wing pressures May to introduce tougher anti-strike laws. Nobody asks if she will pass a law insisting on higher rolling stock investment.

Bloomberg runs a story saying British business “doesn’t know how it will find the necessary workforce skills” after Brexit. The “news” organisation doesn’t ask these business “leaders” why they didn’t hire and train young UK workers when the sun was shining.

Two of Jean-Claude Junker’s EUROBOT liar clones are caught changing Brexit wording and filibustering over meeting dates and schedules. Juncker, an unelected, drunken tax-evasion pimp and self-confessed liar himself, dismisses the story despite written evidence. None of the FT, Guardian, Independent, Daily Mirror or EUobserver titles prints the story.

It emerges that the Government was warned about the dangers of riot at Birmingham Prison only a few weeks ago, and did nothing. Right Wing MPs say rioters should feel “the full force of the law”, but not that private company G4S should (yet again) face censure for being incompetently at the centre of yet another privatisation cockup. No UK titles at all mention that some of the prisoners are being held there illegally by a law…..that was repealed in 2012.

The Guardian (not a title known for its knowledge of the US) quotes “superpower leaders” as saying Donald Trump “hasn’t the first clue about how to run the United States”. The sources are all members of, er, the Chinese régime, which so obviously knows exactly what it’s doing in terms of human rights, economic growth, fiscal controls, banking corruption and sabre-rattling.

The Independent has another story “proving” that Brexiteers are swivel-eyed Little Englanders who shout at foreigners. They do say that if you pay peanuts you’ll get monkeys, but it’s a bad idea to let them play with the typewriters as well. And for the Daily Mail, the day’s most tragic story concerns Prince Harry, who will be lonely all Christmas without his new squeeze, as she’s gone back home to the US. So tell us, Harry, what first drew you to top starlet Meghan Markle, 35?


And finally, it seems that this was the most common beginning to Western newspaper headlines in 2016:


Turkey threatens to boycott Christmas?

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