EU TERRORISM: Top NATO financial auditor’s “suicide” story unravelling by the hour

metough A quiet pre-Christmas Friday this is not. As the prime Berlin market atrocity suspect is shot dead in Italy, a Libyan plane is hijacked and flown to Malta. Pretty much the entire EU is on Red Alert thanks to the idiot migration policies and lah-la-lah federalism of Brussels-am-Berlin. But few if any headlines record that a key player in the why and how of all this has died a violent death.

ChandelonYves.PNG Yves Chandelon, NATO’s Chief Auditor (right) has turned up dead in the city of Andenne, in the forest region of Ardennes in Belgium. He was 150 kilometres from his office in Luxembourg, and 100 kilometres from his home. There was a very large hole in his head….but not as big as the holes in the “official” story.

Mainstream media have so far depicted Monsieur Chandelon as something of a backroom boy bean-counter who shot himself because he was in debt. Sadly for the spin doctors, none of the facts support their version. In fact, the Truth makes fools of them:

  • Chandelon headed up the NATO department dealing with the forensics of how terrorists are funded. He’d held the job for some years despite having no degrees, qualifications or official track record as a mainstream corporate accountant. All the signs, in fact, of a forensic-specialist spook using a standard faceless job description as his cover.
  • Chandelon owed a grand total of €43,000. Associates say he was a highly paid and hugely-bonused executive who would regard such a ‘float’ as peanuts….but with Zirp borrowing rates, not a millstone.
  • In the weeks prior to his death, he showed some signs of fear….but none whatsoever of a depressive mood. He had given some documentation to close friends and family, which he asked them to bring forward “if anything should happen to me”.

Equally, the crime scene has all the hallmarks of a sequence from the movie Surveillance State – in that it leaves awkward “doesn’t-make-sense” questions:

  • The wound to his head is a classic of ‘barrel next to cranium’ point blank range gunshot. But Chandelon was found with the weapon in his hand. “Not possible,” says a Slog London police source, “the recoil, had the wound been self-inflicted, would have thrown the gun several feet from his hand”.
  • The gun is confirmed as the weapon of death, but it was not registered in the deceased man’s name.
  • The gun was found in his right hand. But Chandelon was left-handed.

However the NATO chief’s death occurred, his immediate family aren’t playing ball: they describe the suicide verdict as “ridiculous” and point out that the 60 year old was “looking forward to several holiday projects planned for 2017”. As this is a very unhealthy attitude for them to adopt, we must assume they feel very strongly on the subject.

So here we are in the days leading up to Christmas, and Islamic terrorism is very high-profile. The man in charge of tracing how the Aluha Aqbar chavs get their money – a top wally in NATO based in Luxembourg and showing signs of whistle-blowing tendencies – presents with his brains blown out in an Ardennes forest….the way you do.

My nose tells me something is afoot. And for a nose to sense an odour as far away as the feet, one must assume something very smelly indeed.

The autopsy on Yves Chandelon is scheduled for next Tuesday the 27th of December…the first working day after Christmas in the European Union this year. Stay tuned.

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