methink1 False trails, brushed tracks, dead ends and staggering bias continue to make a mockery of soi-disant “news” reportage in the 21st century. What used to be termed a cover-up is become the shake-it-up, as every last element of every potentially embarrassing story is altered, rewritten, contested, rubbed out, doctored and then added to the cesspool, where the real facts are thrown in for good measure – and then a gigantic spinning  apparatus whisks it up into a smooth, sinister soup.

But the most difficult task of all remains the establishment of motive. The mixitup employed by a thousand Winston Smiths in 2017 aims not just to blend the water’s constituents, but also to  suggest that the real conspirators never went near that water, had no reason to be in that water, don’t like water, and perhaps can’t even swim.

Yesterday’s main stories alone – on the next Brexit process, on the non-story of alleged bank relocation, on the Trident launch cockup and on London’s rail strikes – leave the analyst drowning in several fathoms of fake felons.

But the ongoing frontal attack on celeb sexual activity still has no equal. The thousands of MSM and online sleuths engaged in this question face persistent and consistent evidence of paid informants, police encouragement, doctored statements, risible cop fact-checking and – above all – a level of fanatical vindictiveness that brings with it the foul stench of ideology given power far above the law.

Quite where self-styled sex-abuse experts, Newscorp conspiracy, political vendetta against the BBC and MoJ male-rape nutter harpies begin and end in all this mess is predictably impossible to unravel at this point. But recently, the last of those anti-social vandals decided to have yet another pop at Rolf Harris: already 86 years old, an in prison for at least three crimes he obviously did not commit.

Remember Michael Barrymore? Destroyed by the media and then massacred in Court, his career ruined. Last month he was cleared of all charges. Did any of you notice?

Now reacquaint yourself with the disgrace of Harris’s trial, and follow the link at the end to lobby the Minstry of Vendettas Justice bfore the next stage of showtrial cruelty starts.

Rolf Harris was tried at Southwark Crown Court. He endured four concurrent trials. Four accusers faced him.

Tonya Lee had already sold her story to a magazine so had a financial interest in sticking to the already published story. In court the story was shown to contain serious falsehoods: she admitted lying to the police about several aspects of her evidence.

Another charge – the Leigh Park community centre assault was alleged to have been done  -at a time when Mr Harris was in fact in another part of the country, an alabi that was easy to prove. A police search for evidence that Mr Harris confirmed he had never appeared there at all. The police admitted in court that they had NO EVIDENCE that he had even been there.

The Celebrity It’s a Knockout allegation was brought by a woman who claimed she was thirteen/fourteen at the time of the assault. The assault happened in public and yet nobody saw it happen. Mid trial she changed this story to fit an appearance Mr Harris had made at a Star Games event, three years later. She changed her age to sixteen/seventeen and the location  miles away from the site of the original allegation.

Mr Harris admitted a consensual affair with a woman younger than him but of consenting age. It was shown that this woman had attempted to blackmail him after asking him for £25000 and there was no evidence to show that any under age abuse took place as she later claimed. Despite this Mr Harris was found guilty.

The trial judge dismissed these falsehoods as ‘Red herrings to be ignored when you see them”. The  summing up was farcically biased and misleading.


Harris was found guilty on all four charges, and to date all petitions for a mistrial have fallen on the selectively deaf ears of those who have somehow convinced themselves that the ends justify the means.

The smears of political extremism and sexual perversion have become the weapons of choice for the people in and around government in the UK….regardless of Party.

If you feel so minded, please go to this link now, and protest. Do not appease today’s real Nazis….the radical feminists, pc robots, bent police and ideologist politicians who take silence to mean approval.