At the End of the Day

mesmile Business lies, liberal lies, conservative lies, Swedish lies, German lies….here lies Truth, broken hearted – lost among the Dear Departed      

I was watching the early part of CNBC Squawkbox this morning. Trying to square the Wall Street narrative with what’s going on in the real world is a challenge at the best of times, but of late it feels more and more like being a Nipponese pilot on route to Pearl Harbor in 1941: he  knew this would be an easy win, but sensed it would end in Hiroshima.

Within minutes, I was struck by how talking heads can gloss over the most malodorously toxic turds in existence.

“Well you know,” said TalkingHead1, “right now we have solid earnings growth data to underpin the Trump rally…..”

‘No you don’t’ I thought, ‘you have cheap money heading for the bottom line, and cash borrowed to pay the dividend’.

“Also,” TH1 continued – using a maths form unavailable when I was at school – “margins are increasing, reflecting real competitive demand out there….”

‘No they aren’t’ I thought, ‘what you have is higher profits produced by cutting costs and firing people….demand has nothing to do with it’.

But then in came TH2.

“And let’s not forget,” she asserted, “We now know for certain there are gonna be expansionary stimulation policies in the near future…”

‘No you don’t’ I thought, ‘What you have is this President you affect to hate promising such things’.

“… now has to be the time to get into stocks – it’s a no-brainer,” she concluded. Perhaps what TH2 meant was that this was an investment aperture for those with no brains.

Only the host – a bloke I’m warming to with every week – wondered “where the money’s coming from for Mexican Walls and tax cuts and infrastructural stimulation with like, you know, the worst deficit and debt in our history”.

But TH2 butted in to prove that the real no-brainer was, um, TH2.

“Look,” she insisted, “the focus has moved away from the debt issue. This is all about piling in to maximise the upside for our investor clients”.

Or put another way, ‘Let’s milk the geriatric yew one more time guys, and fuck the debt….we run the world and fuck anyone who’s gonna argue with us’.

The nakedness of her opportunism was almost as flagrant as my desire to get naked with her just once. And when I say that, what I really mean is “up to but not including twice”.

But unreality extends far beyond the markets now. Monday morning, bad migrant stuff going down in Sweden was being dismissed as more delusional news from President Chump. By late Tuesday, however, the Right Stuff was riots and no-go areas in three cities there. I must confess, I had watched a senior Swedish minister taking Trump apart on the issue late on Monday, and decided that she was probably telling the truth. It was a creepy feeling to grasp, by Wednesday morning, that she’d been lying her bare arse off. The lady lied with such fluent aplomb, I was struck by the thought that any time soon every politician should be given a heavy dose of pentathol before addressing the media.

Big fat fibs and hypocritical appeals to the gallery are everywhere. Theresa May’s society with equal shares for all, Diane Abbott’s Media Hell at the hands of those nasty enough to point out her atrocious double standards, Jeremy Hunt’s admission that “things are not as good as they should be in the NHS” as if he was the regulator rather than the Minister….everywhere the élite media assumptions are the same: “they’re all thicker than pigshit and lazier than a sloth’s tail, so why worry?”

But my final word tonight has to be on the subject of the Berlin Government, an institution which, if it played football, would be sent off every week for diving in the penalty area.

As Frau Doktor Mirakle  insists that her migrant policy has been a success, and  the entire population of Africa will be made welcome in the Vaterland, her interior Minister today introduced new, much stricter rules making it easier to deport every Auslander to whom the Master Race might take a dislike.

This follows in the quiet footsteps of a Germany just one year ago yelling ‘Willkommen in Deutschland’ at the rostrum, while quietly armlocking Italy with the warning , “No more migrants for us via Austria, if you don’t mind”.

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