How uninformed uniformity is killing the Leftlib appeal

mefacebook What happens when the politically correct becomes electorally unsustainable? The answer, very often, is the triumph of mindless faux-democracy. The liberal West is dragging us there, and they show no sign at all of being able to change.

One of the many tactics used by the Leftlib Soros axis of manipulation – designed to put us all in the undereducated dumbass bin – is their feigned admiration for ‘experts’. There are at least three dimensions of muddled hypocrisy in that contention: for example, if they like science, expertise and maths so much, why can they never apply it to their own inadequacies? They’re clueless on commercial economics, seem to think 48% is a winning margin, that 180,000 activists can overtake a Tory poll lead currently at 18.5%, that inefficient wind power can provide for all our rapidly growing energy needs, and harp on endlessly about the “waste of money” that were the Gemini and Apollo Space programmes…without grasping that they led to almost everything that people under forty now seem to depend upon.

This last point is a recurring reality that bugs me more than most. Yesterday morning CET on CNBC Squawkbox, there was a NASA “expert” talking about the need to revitalise Space exploration with a panel of financial “experts”. I support his position entirely for all kinds of reasons, but both he and the panel talked complete tosh about every subject area into which they blundered during the half-hour slot. These included Einsteinian physics, financial payback, the existence of extra-terrestrial life, travel beyond our  solar system, the benefits of government scientific investment, and e = mc².

Think about that: a former NASA scientist does not understand the illusion of Time and Space. Or alternatively, he has a position (and a book) to sell, so he chooses to ignore the findings of the least disproved scientific brain in human history. But he calls himself an expert, so that’s OK. I think he may have designed my tractor mower.

One of the prime reasons why the UK Labour Party has failed to build convincing cases against the almost universally bad science of the current Conservative administration is largely explained by its naive trust in, and acceptance of, “experts” with views that mirror their own….and even some who don’t.

I have yet to meet, for example, any Labour MP who thinks there is any viable alternative to globalism. I’ve yet to convince anyone on the UK Left that the EU is many things, but democratic is not one of them. No LibDem or Labour mind of which I’m aware questions our dangerously ridiculous dependence on the bourse system for raising capital funds. I do not know of any tendency in the Democratic Party that doubts the validity of US payroll data, even though they are a mad hatter’s tea party from start to finish.

The Left doesn’t ‘get’ market research, and its vulnerability to underclaim support for the anti-Establishment candidate. It just carries on accepting every word as if it might be gospel. It listens intently as some Belgian sprout “explains” why the UK makes money on its trade with the EU. It accepts the idea that Russia can hack into the US voting system, even though that system is almost entirely not digital. It accepts without a scintilla of critical analysis the argument that Greece owes “creditors” €250billion , although both the owed’s identity and the amount are both wildly wrong. It accepts with no little glee the preposterous idea that the world has recovered from 2008, and the oil price is sustainable above €50pcb.

I have never met any Labour MP or activist or even supporter who queries the idea that global economic growth is a ‘must have’.

It’s bad enough that in the 21st century we ignore (or more often, have never heard of) Plato’s dictum that the fast lane to dictatorship is an ill-informed and distracted electorate. But the crisis of resistance we face now in the West is that of Oppositions crippled by an acceptance mentality when it comes to information, and a distraction away from the larger-scale issues in favour of minority ‘nice to have’ causes.

Worse still, the bottom end of the original Labour bedrock is not just ill-informed: it is apathetic to a degree that makes it uninformed. The higher end has drifted away to the Right, tired of the uniform response of Labour’s intellectuals. This is not a good look, and it will inevitably lead to crushing defeat, if and when Ms Mayormaynot decides the time has come to call a Brexit Election.

There is no reason to ignore experts, but there is every reason to question them. There is no reason to  become policy slaves to the views of ordinary electors, but there is every reason to listen to their concerns.

In the longer term, Labour’s own educational preference for Groupthink, targets, thinly veiled propaganda, zero selection and “correctness” in general doesn’t just need a rethink: it needs to do a screeching wheely into reverse once the current insanity is over. Because if that now discredited model isn’t rejected, the Party will simply return to Blairism….and disappear into obscurity.

Property is over-valued, stock markets are at record levels, but neither reflect the falling demand caused in large part by an economic model based on the two antithetical principles of reduced mass disposable income and increased consumption levels. There is going to be a Crash, and Labour simply isn’t on it.