BREXITEERS TAKE NOTE: the man now leading Brussels’ EU negotiating team is a 24-carat crook.

mefacebook Novel-writing duties (and the garden) keeping me somewhat behind the music for the time being, I have only this afternoon realised that the inestimably ghastly Guy Verhofstadt is officially the lead member of the EU’s Brexit negotiating team. I would very much like to know why nobody in Downing Street or the Palace of Westminster has objected to the inclusion of this carpet-bagging little shit in what is supposed to be a serious, private process….as opposed to a series of stalls on Oxford Street diddling innocent passers-by with 3-card tricks.

I’ve been on the case of this Belgian chancer for over three years now, and every last act of his I’ve delved into has revealed a lying hypocrite busy enriching himself at the expense of the innocent.

In terms of internal Belgian politics, Verhofstadt stands alongside Herman Van Rompuy as a grubbily incompetent architect of Belgium’s descent into its current parlous condition….that of being on the verge of ‘Failed State’.

As an MEP, he has consistently stood on the side of those illegally harrassing Greece, crafting anti-worker global trade agreements, opposing all Member States standing against federalism in a full-frontal attack on Sovereign and citizen Rights. He is also, on every last issue, a craven lapdog on the short leash of anti-Russian NATO propaganda.

Transparency International’s Integrity Watch project has shown consistently that no other MEP has more commercial interests and conflicts outside the allegedly fulltime job of being a legislator than Verhofstadt. But as The Slog has explained in detail elsewhere, Grisly Guy the Gropey Verhofstadt Vampire isn’t that diligent when it comes the interest declaration thing.

Now, it is possible to argue that he is nothing more than Jean-Claude Drunker’s counterweight to the equally depraved and corrupt neocon Singaporista Boris Johnson in the other side of this somewhat lopsided roulette table. My problem as an Englishman looking for a more adventurous and mutually ethical future for Britain is that these two lardarses will probably get on like a house on fire.

And therein lies the nub – some would say the rub – for people like me. Because the May administration per se could be summed up as half-hearted Leavers crafting a half-baked Brexit – the main outcome of which will be more and more half-starved citizens and hard-hearted robber barons across an increasingly globalised world.

That has nothing to do with any of the reasons I voted to quit the EU. But then, I long ago gave up any expectation of my democratically expressed will triumphing in the end.

This is what Britain should have done immediately Verhofstadt was nominated: refuse to deal with any team even including (let alone led by) this disgusting individual.

That opportunity having passed, the slogan of all genuine Brexiteers should be, ” Ach Verhofstadt – halt’s Maul Mensch! Bitte Verpissen-Sie.”

PS When oh when oh when will the delusionally ignorant UK Left make an effort to get out more, and grasp just what venality of federal fascist Devils are running things across the Channel?

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