The world cannot afford any more warriors. What it needs now is smart resistance.

Wars have been about many things over the years: ears, canals, boxers, wells and so forth. Usually, they were about religion and throne succession, until, in the nineteenth century, there was an element of Imperial glory thrown in. Then the big thing was trade and economic expansion. Later came ideology, which had replaced the widely debunked religious rivalries. Today they largely revolve around energy, which seems to keep on colliding with the religion of Islam.

But in the end, they’re all about power. Ownership of land, seas, channels, canals, minds and energy allows nations to grow more food, exploit more resources, export more profitably, and then make or buy weapons. The weapons of war are changing all the time: we started at clubs and we’re now up to currency tricks, frozen assets, media, cyber attacks, weather and technological falsification.

I suspect the next major war (and there’s going to be one, because it’s what the powerful nutters among us want) will be about water. The weapons will include dams, hidden reservoir collection, desalination, deliberate salination, and more of those odd weather events. But it will still be about water used as a power lever – or rather, cutting off certain nations’ access to it.

You can try and starve a nation to death (Nazi U-boats) but it takes a long time for someone to starve. Deprive kids of clean water, or everyone of any water – and death takes usually less than ten days.

A disturbing subset of water is what an enemy might put in the water. It is now feasible for an entire nation to be poisoned – and twenty four hours later, no trace of the poison to be found. Media lies and false flag missions are already capable of confusing everyone about who did what – see Syria et al. But the latest chemical weapon refinements achieve the long sought goal: war without blame. Or even worse, war where the culprit blames another State – and then starts a war against them on that basis.

War with a hidden agenda is by now familiar to everyone. On that basis, there is no difference between Erdogan et al convincing useful LibLeft idiots that violent African criminal gangs and covert Islamists are asylum seekers on the one hand – and the American Alternative State inventing ceasefire violations and atrocities in order to get their hands on oil.

But war with no culprit would be the end of us all. Because thousands would have suspicions, and their media in turn would turn up the heat…and then there would be a nihilist resort to nuclear by those whose allies had been wiped out. Unless, of course, by that time a culprit with advanced cyber weapons had neutered the nuclear option open to its enemies.

It seems both morbid and incredible, doesn’t it, to be writing stuff like this. But as long as there are ideologically blinkered naifs and military geopolitical business psychos interacting, not too far below the surface we all have to recognise that such an outcome isn’t just possible: in the light of recent events in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and Syria, it’s close to being likely.

The core factor making it conceivable is the variously stupid and pernicious denial practised and nurtured by billionaire media owners, energy developers, politicians, smug Middlies and liberal activists. It is the most unlikely of alliances in many ways: but over and over throughout history, the deranged have been underestimated by the respectable.

Cromwell, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Mugabe, the Clintons, Bush Sr, Tony Blair and Zuma have all done things too awful for most people to contemplate. So too have Robert Maxwell, Mario Draghi, George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Gordon Brown and Wolfgang Schäuble. Given half a chance, Emmanuel Macron will do the same….along with H R Macmasters, Jeremy Hunt, Guy Verhofstadt and Boris Johnson.

I am pleased to see how, in recent weeks, Hollande, Merkel, Dijesslebleom, Tusk and latterly Juncker have at last revealed the wolf beneath the fleece. But we still give far, far too much respect to – and place silly amounts of faith in – the Camerons, Mays and Macrons of this world.

What the West needs is a new alliance for (and of) the deprived to take on the depraved. But the work needs to be done by those without baggage, devoid of rigid ideology, and determined to put the positive fulfilment of human beings before any other consideration.

Above all, it needs to be undertaken by people with their feet on the ground about what it takes to get rid of the Klingons in our midst. It needs – dare I say it – the Radical Realism I’ve been boffing on about for the last seven years.

US Democrats, Labour activists, des Socialistes, Syriza and Waspi Central need not apply.

There is no need for violence: none whatsoever. There is no need to bomb, smash, behead, gas, or threaten anyone. All it requires is grasping the legal right we still have (just) to make a nuisance of ourselves.

Brexit is the best proof of that. Persistent pressure and hard work forced the élite into a corner, and the People delivered the votes. Now the EU has finally grasped that we mean it – and turned nasty. This is turn has alerted a broader cross-section of the population to just how ghastly they are.

Too many people today see concerted nuisance-making directed at the élite as onanist and doomed. Idiots like Black Lives Matter aim their self-obsessed identity anger at ordinary people. That’s because they are divisive – effectively sectarian – in their aims.

But when well-organised, creative, ideologically neutral groups of citizens with the good of the whole community in mind get going, there is nothing the élite can do to stop them – short of becoming a surveillance dictatorship.

It makes me sad to return to those allegedly in charge of Waspi pension action again, but they remain the classic example of how not to generate effective passive resistance – and thus evoke a positive response from Power.

There is no creativity, no nuisance-value, no reality and no coordination of focus. There has also been no learning from endless rebuffs, empty promises and general apathy they have had to face. It goes right back to my point at the outset: Waspi suffers from an embarrassing excess of lickspittle respect.

You do not have to carry placards, chant slogans, be unpleasant or even inconvenience the innocent mass of citizens to be an effective pressure group. You just have to make it awkward, difficult and hopefully one day impossible for the Establishment to continue.

Three things make oligarchies collapse: the element of surprise, a raised awareness of their unwarranted privileges, and what I call “Means starvation”. Waspi has done its best on the second area (too late, but better late than never) but been doggedly unwilling to indulge in the first and third. In fact, it doesn’t have any ideas in those latter areas. That is an incompetent betrayal the ordinary members do not deserve.

Ironically, Waspi’s own self-appointed élite have done precisely what the ANC and IRA did: become so institutionalised in their own prison, the objective became the survival of the prison, not the dismissal of those employing the jailers.

Creative approaches, fleet feet, careful planning and a professional approach to obduracy are vital for passive resistance to succeed. Waspi – and the others I dissauded from application earlier – lack all of those elements. Therefore they have failed.

Everyone and everything else is to blame, of course: media apathy, the Russians, Brexit,  BBC bias, fundamentalists, racists, revisionists, men, white people, Jews, Arabs, Trump and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh. And indeed, they sometimes are.

But such blamestorming self-pity only leads to more division. Unity of purpose towards the goal of mutally equitable nations and communities is the only way forward.

I’m wasting my breath here, aren’t I? Yes, I suspect you’re right.

Enjoy your Sunday anyway.