At the End of the Day

Me1If you are in search of a massive group of Illuminati – those ethereal people allegedly surrounded by massive security around their compounds, where they plot fiendish things we never find out about until it’s too late – then this post is for you. I can tonight bring you exclusive inside information from an organisation that makes the Masons look like exhibitionist blabber-mouths by comparison.

Every single one of them became a member of this particular élite through a secret vote no self-respecting organisation would countenance. But once at a senior level, the elders corrupt policemen, threaten senior judiciary, and cover up the misdeeds of senior media and banking executives.

That this monstrous group is a danger to all of us should not be doubted, for their casual criminality – and ability to call upon extreme violence – speaks for itself. So far above the law are these people that – despite all of them enjoying highly paid professional employment – they still can’t resist sticking a fat finger up the nose of the Law.

Despite the difficulty in bringing these manipulators to justice, three of them have been imprisoned for assault, seven have faced fraud charges, eight have been in Court and found guilty of shoplifting, nine have tried to pass dud cheques, at least ten of them have been directly implicated in starting wars,  and fourteen have been arrested on drug-related charges.

The appalling tale of unconcerned nastiness goes on and on: seventeen have played dubious roles in multiple bankruptcies, twenty-one of them face law suits right now, twenty-nine have faced accusations of spouse abuse, seventy one have a credit history so unreliable they are credit-card blacklisted, and eighty-four have been arrested for perhaps one of the most anti-social crimes of all: drunk driving.

They are heavily engaged in protection rackets thinly disguised as advice, and almost without fail their economic recommendations cause widespread distress.  But by some as yet unclear process, this powerful group still manages to cost its host nation £93 million in subsistence expenses alone…before any actual fees for their “advice” have been taken into account.

Even its name is an attempt to underplay what Bourbonesque vipers they are. They call themselves ‘House of Commons’.

Now satire like the above is commonplace these days. It saddens me that so few British voters ever learn from it – but setting that aside, the tragedy 48 hours ago in Manchester offers a digitally sharp reflection of what I tweeted yesterday:


By vulnerable, I mean old without a pension, disabled, refused access to the 3% prosperity, and open to attack because Theresa May failed in her role as Home Secretary.

The Government’s reaction to the Manchester atrocity has displayed two features we’ve all grown to know and despise in the political class: cowardice and zero creativity.

It is too scared (for social or arms business reasons, who knows?) to confront the Muslim community directly. And so it falls back on easy solutions that result in the end of freedom: troops on the street, heightened levels of security, and censorship of anything that suggests the danger is greater than they pretend.

Without the emergence of some kind of movement to frighten our less than illuminating illuminati, I can only see more of this. More for them, and less and less for us.