A long and grinding road


Seven years bad back

It’s seven years almost to the day since Lord Mandelson lied on television about my identity and political affiliations in order to bury a story about Gordon Brown’s unstable state of Health. Seven years since Andrew Marr tossed Brown an accusation (not mine) he could deny….and thus get out of a corner.

As a result of that, I was banned from commenting at the Guardian, defamed in the New York Times, and made a permanent pariah by the “love not hate” Labour Party. I had to dump my website and start from scratch because I dared to suggest the Left had a mendacious, half-blind phone-chucking bully for a leader.

Some other highlights since then include:

  • I didn’t lose my bottom teeth in the Paddington disaster, I lost them because I grind my teeth. (Bridport Labour Party member)
  • I didn’t know what I was talking about when I warned Syriza in 2012 that they were massively underestimating the criminality of the EC/EU/ECB axis of gangsters…I was “just an interloper trying to make trouble for Tsipras”.
  • I was doing the same thing in 2010 when I opined that Two Labour Eds were worse than none. One now sends lonely tweets from Muswell Hill and the other is a TV dancer.
  • I was Islamophobic for running two stories, one rubbishing the idiotic idea of The Arab Spring, and the other for calling out Erdogan as a closet Islamist dictator. You see, if you prove the Left to have been on the wrong side, you’re mentally ill.
  • I was “an agent of Zionist propaganda” (lucky me) for detailing scuds launched from Palestine into NE Israel, and showing graphically how Hamas could drastically reduce civilian casualties in Palestine if they launched from deserted rural areas, not schools.
  • I was a bigot because I suggested that Left emphasis on LGBT was alienating core Labour voters. Mass desertion to UKIP followed.
  • I was called a “Tory sicko” for defending Paul Gambacinni and various off-message comics against ludicrous paedophilia accusations. None of them were charged.
  • I was a racist because I was going to support the Leave campaign. Just like all those core Labour supporters who’ve now been welcomed back.
  • I was a racist because I asked how uncontained immigration could do anything but make NHS pressures and housing waits worse.
  • I was an interfering male for warning Waspi that purple sashes and coach trips to London were never going to get their pensions back. I had “ulterior motives” and had “damaged the cause” by questioning what the Waspi Executive were doing, if anything. Two elections and a legal-action funding later, they have not had a single penny of their embezzled monies back.
  • I warned Labour during two elections and a Referendum that mathematically they could not win, or get into government, alone. I was Tory scum, trying to make trouble. They lost all three.
  • I was a racist (again) for showing how 90% of Hungarian leader Viktor Orban’s objections to the Syrian war and treatment of refugees had been vindicated.
  • I was “scoring anti-EU points” for reporting that most of the Calais ‘asylum seekers’ were not Syrian, not refugees, and not children.
  • I was a fascist for suggesting that Assad did not germ-bomb his own people. The US has since produced not one scintilla of proof to show he did.
  • I was a conspiracy theorist for suggesting (along with many others, and a mountain of evidence both photographic and wikileaked) that the US effectively created ISIS.
  • I had Peter Jukes go off on one at me for saying the Russians did not shoot down the MH17. Putin has since said “Let’s examine the black box and see what it says”. The US declined his offer.
  • I had Nick Wilson screaming at me after the Referendum result that there should be a rerun “because only the Leavers told lies”. I’d supported and helped him for over two years of his fight against HSBC. I lost two very close Labour friends because “all the good people voted to Remain” in the EU.
  • I was a disgrace and “besmirching Jo Cox’s good name” for writing about nutjob Labour activists the day after yelling “Murderers!” at UKIP canvassers. The myth still persists that Farage was “responsible” for her death.
  • I was hounded by trolls and abusive emails for months after writing in these columns that “moderate” Muslims had to stop fellow-travelling with Jihadists. I thus added “Islamaphobic” to my extending list of cardinal sins. But it’s still happening, and the élite is still lying about it, and more people are dead…and now you all have Tommy Robinson to deal with. Good luck with that one.
  • I was garroted on Twitter for pointing out that the incident at Manchester Arena was far more serious than the MPC were admitting at first, and for RTing the first photo of the carnage before MI5 sanitised it with pixcels. This was “fake news” said the Soros Left Generation. It wasn’t – but the suggestion that it was had been planted by a US hack with close ties to Trump’s son-in-law. This time even Jon Pilger took the same line as me. Apologies were there none.
  • Earlier this week I was “an out and out liar” for suggesting that Remainer talk of toned-down Brexit “capturing the public mood” was nonsense. I’d made the research up, see, because I’m sceptical about some of the folk around Jeremy Corbyn. And funnily enough, when I gave a link to the research, nobody apologised. Imagine how shocked I was about that.
  • And now today I am “muddying” the Grenfell Tower disaster with “unworthy” suspicions. Which is very, very naughty of me, given that The Canary is also smearing May’s Chief of Staff to score cheap political points about the cause of the fire, Leftist tweets all morning were suggesting a private landlord was to blame, and “Tory fire brigade cuts killed” the residents of the building is just more Jo Cox crap.  What I wrote was, I would submit, misrepresented. I did not say arson was a serious contender, I said the Action Group warning/fire closeness thing gave me “worries”.

Now, of course, it’s “Oh come on John, don’t be so sensitive”.

The Progressive tendency has a track record over the last decade of being on the wrong side of pretty much every issue. It has an uninterrupted history of double standards, holier-than-thou hypocrisy, and support for spurious Peace Flotillas, Religions of Peace, the EU as a Symbol of Peacekeeping, Arab Springs that will bring Eternal Peace, Somalian crooks that Come in Peace, Peaceful todders who shave twice a day, support for NATO’s Peaceful Aggression in Ukraine, admiration of Ambassador-murdering Peace Envoy Hillary Clinton, support for the EU membership of Peace Broker Erdogan, bombing the troops of the swine Assad to stop his genocidal tendencies against Peaceful Moderate rebels, presenting mass-murderer Mohammed’s recruitment policy as the Religion of Peace, and applauding the arrival of Peace Marches (by train) in Berlin.

The BritLeft hates every ally that could help them, and loves every bastard that could destroy us all.

That’s why Labour is, indeed, the standard bearer for Love not Hate.

So I am comfortable, my friends, with this thoroughly deserved reputation I have grown over time for being a shit-stirring, pessimistic, scumfascistbigot harbinger of the Hateful violence to come.

This unpleasantness will be, naturally, all my fault: for pushing out foul pen pictures of reality, and pointing out the Truth of what it is to be human, rather than a socialist.

Actually, this afternoon I don’t feel very human at all. On the whole, I feel more like a camel. A camel upon whom just one last, weffer-theen straw of casual intolerance has finally landed to devastating spinal effect.